Monday, October 15, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/15

  1. Please end intubation training drills on cats and ferrets
  2. Stop sexual violence towards  animals (confirmation needed)
  3. Russia: Guarantee Safety of Pussy Riot and Release Them Immediately
  4. Help tiger cubs who are forced to swim for profit
  5. Save Lou and Bill
    Vice-Mayor of the town of Alexandroupolis to stop infringing the law at the expense of the stray dogs of the town rounding them up and confining them in pales or abandoning them in the town’s outskirts and the immediate vicinity. They should ultimately undertake their responsibilities as those are specified by law 4039/12.
  7. Don't Allow Victoria to Become a Killing Field for Kangaroos
  8. Stop Chinese fur farms
  9. Pope Benedict XVI: Stop Blood Ivory!
  10. Animal welfare in the Austrian Constitution
  11. For better controls against corruption.
  12. Sign the history book for Australia's oceans
  13. URGENT: The end of UK live exports?
  14. To: National Farmers’ Union, National Sheep Association, DairyCo
    I urge the farming community to take a leadership role in ending the UK live export trade.
  16. President Obama: Urgent Action is Needed to Protect Blair Mountain
  17. Tell your elected officials to protect the Great Lakes
  18. Protect All the Critical Habitat Necessary for the Jaguar’s Recovery
  19. Restore Protection for the Marbled Murrelets' Habitat
  20. Against foie gras
  21. Shock Israeli ban on fur
  22. Free the loris
  23. Don't let Apache Alaska Corporation conduct seismic surveys in Cook Inlet
  24. Designate More Special Places as National Monuments
  26. Please request the establishment of a centralized center of competency! (Ge)
    (confirmation needed)
  27. Save Insects That Keep Us Alive: Tell EPA To Ban Clothianidin NOW!
  28. Agrofuel stop immediately!
  29. PRESSURE THE DECISION MAKER - Tell Federal Environment Minister Burke directly that you want him to save the Reef from the threat of coal.
  30. Take action to protect the pristine Smith River
  31. Keep Up The Fight To Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining
  32. Help protect wildlife in the western Arctic from oil and gas drilling
  34. Protect New Mexico’s Natural Heritage. (US)
  35. Don't send wildlife over the budgetary cliff (US)
  36. Please Propose to List Oceanic Whitetip Sharks on Appendix II of CITES (US)
  37. End Commercial Greyhound Racing in the UK (UK)
  38. Open Letter to President Obama and Governor Romney: Defend America Against Keystone XL Economic, Public Health & National Security Threat (US)
GREAT NEWS! The cats and the TNR efforts can stay at North Point Apartment Complex! A local TNR advocate, Kerry, met with Jill of First Property Services today. Kerry explained "the vacuum effect," the benefits and effectiveness of TNR, and the ineffectivenss of Trap and Kill. Consequently, Jill agreed to support the TNR efforts at North Point Apartment Complex, and to allow Mr. Carson to continue to manage the colony. Leases will now also require all pet owners to show proof that their pets have been spayed or neutered. This is a great step forward! THANK YOU for signing this petition! Together, we made a difference! [...] Please continue to advocate and educate in Leon County and beyond because we are making a difference! Thank you all for your support of this cat colony, and for TNR!
  1. The Honorable Prime Minister of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung: Stop the eviction of Animals Asia's bear rescue center
  2. Stop the Montreal-Portland Pipeline Reversal!
  3. STOP HS2 RAIL: help hawaii. stop rail. NOW! Stop HS2 (High Speed Rail)
  4. Save the animals that can't speak the ones that need help to know how it feels to be loved
  5. Pow Wow Drummers and Dancers: Boycott the Poarch Creek Pow Wow Nov 23-24
  6. Ayto. San Andrés del Rabanedo, León.: Que dejen de contratar a Circos con Animales.
    City Council of San Andrés Rabanedo, Leon.: They must stop hiring circus with animals
  7. No a la corrida de toros en Perù: Basta di maltratamento è divertimento con i poveri tori
    No to bullfighting in Peru: stop the fun, don’t maltreat the poor bulls.
  8. Alle province italiane: più rifugi per animali,a chi ha lo spazio e il tempo,meno burocrazia!
    Italian provinces: more animal shelters, for those who have space and time, less bureaucracy!
  9. A tutti gli enti governativi planetari: Legiferate per l'abolizione della vivisezione
    All planetary government agencies: legislate the Abolition of Vivisection
  10. LAV: basta uccidere cuccioli per l'alimentazione
    LAV: stop killing cubs for food
  11. Church of the Visitation- Diocese of Trenton and Brick Township, New Jersey: Preserve the natural land and wildlife!
  12. Irish Restaurants: Stop Serving Cruel Foie Gras
  13. Ban Plastic Bags in Sackville, NB, CANADA
  14. End Gillette's Plastic Packaging Pollution
  15. Save the Greenbelt in the UK: Save the greenbelt.
  16. Support the people and government of South Korea to stand up against the cruelty of dog meat industry.
  17. Provincia di Bologna e Regione Emilia Romagna: Cessino immediatamente la pratica dell' abbattimento delle Volpi
    Province of Bologna and Emilia Romagna Region: stop immediately the practice of 'removal of Foxes
  18. The World Community: In Belarus two men facing jail over teddy bear pro-democracy stunt
    no target selected, but in the petition description you can find the addresses of people you can send your email to.
  19. Al Presidente del Parlamento europeo Martin Schulz: Abolire l'art. 11 direttiva UE del 10/10/2012
    The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz: Abolish the art. 11 EU Directive 10/10/2012
  20. Natürliche Viehweiden statt toter Maisfelder
    Natural pastures instead of dead corn fields
  21. Modehaus Jung in Augsburg: Den Verkauf von Echtpelz Artikeln sofort stoppen
    Young fashion house in Augsburg: Stop the sale of real fur items immediately
  22. Gebt Arife ihren Hector zurück!!!
    Give Arife her dog Hector back!
  23. Меру міста Уманi, Юрiю Бодрову.: Підписання угоди (VIER PFOTEN International) в особі Др. Аміра Халіля
    Providing sterilization, disinfection, vaccination against rabies, identification and registration of homeless animals, the number of homeless animals is to regulate by humane methods.
  24. The Western Australian Government: Call off plan to cull sharks near WA beaches
  25. Hartz: Get their products off store shelves
  26. South Carolina government: Ban the use of Gas Chambers in South Carolina shelters
  27. Mr Jamartin Sihite CEO of BOSF (Borneo Orangutan Survivial Foundation): To rescue Orangutan Gundul who lives on a pile of garbage in Borneo
  29. Barrow County Animal Control: Change their hours, and enforce a volunteer program.
  30. NBC/Brian Williams/Rock Center: Please do a full story on pets being shot by law enforcement.
  31. Stop Wildlife Crime, Starting with You
  32. Hold Halliburton accountable for losing a radioactive device
  33. Vance County Animal Shelter located in Henderson, NC: Allow pitbulls to be adopted/rescued by NC residents or rescue groups
  34. MARS, INCORPORATED: Support the labeling of genetically modified foods and organisms
  35. Mayor Bloomberg and City Hall: Ban the sale, possession and trade of Shark fins in New York City
  36. stop killing the poor wolfs
  37. The Humane Society of the United States: STOP considering letting Michael Vick own a dog EVER!!!
  38. Punição para o Policial Militar de Londrina que matou o cão Ronaldo
    They demand justice for a beloved dog, who was shot by the military police.
  39. Acabemos con las crueles peleas de perros.
    Ban dog fighting!
  40. A la junta de Andalucia: Que no legalize los entrenamientos de galgos atados a motos
    They demand a ban on the training of racing dogs with motorized vehicles.
  41. Junta de Castilla y León: Dimisión inmediata en pleno de la Junta de Castilla y León
    Against lessons in hunting for 7-12year old school children subsidized with more than 300.000€ taxes.
  42. For free-range eggs, organically grown and vegetarian products in the supermarket.
  43. gobierno de ESPAÑA: Que se trate bien a los animales en las perreras ya que los maltratan
    They demand the government to improve conditions and laws for abused dogs.
  44. Airlines: Bring Jasper (a retired military dog) Home!
  45. TD Garden: To stop letting animal performing circuses perform there
  47. Mineral Area College, Park Hills Missouri: Make it mandatory to recycle on whole campus.
  48. Flagstaff Police Dept: Charge Corporal John Tewes with Animal Cruelty & Torture
  49. Dallas World Aquarium: Find a large cat sanctuary for the jaguar who is kept on display.
  50. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, secretary Thomas Vilsack: relist wolves on the endangered species act
  51. ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, Total, Petrobras, Eni/Agip: Help the flood victims of Nigeria!
  1. Stop Minnesota’s State-Sanctioned Wolf Hunt
  2. Stop the Slaughter of Oxen at Green Mountain College
  3. Prevent Establishment of New Uranium Mill in Colorado
  4. Demand Repercussions For Dangerous Mishandling of Radioactive Materials
  5. Condemn Taliban Attack on 14-year-old Pakistani Activist
  6. Implement Environmental Education in School Systems
  1. Montana: Stop Trapping Endangered Wolverines!
  2. "Contra consumo de gatos en Peru"
    Against the eating of cats during the festivities in Peru
  3. Save The Rhinos
  4. Google - Don't Support Puppy Mills!

  5. See the Film Chasing Ice and Bring the Reality of Climate Change to Light
  6. Don't cancel Shark Wranglers! People need to be aware!
  7. Tell Walmart to Change its Abusive Pork Supplier
    additional petition: Tell Walmart to phase out cruel gestation crates.

  8. Canada: Make A Plan to Coexist with Coyotes
  9. Stop the Slaughter of the African Elephants for their Ivory
  10. Stop Badger-Baiting Today
  11. Tell Groupon to Stop Supporting Dog Abuse!
  12. Tell Fisheries Minister: Shark Fins are NOT Sustainable!
  14. Acid rain in Germany
  15. UK: Ban Shark Oil in Supplements
  16. Stop Tanzania From Selling 100 Tons of Ivory
  17. Stop hunting wolves in Asturias-Spain as race in extinction
  18. Stop hunting dears in Andalucia in the reserve of Cazorla
  19. Animal Welfare reform in animal research law (Austria)
  20. End Battery Hen Farms in Australia
  21. Stop the sale of sea turtles as food in New York City
  22. Canadian Antifreeze Taste ACT (CAT ACT)
  23. Reduce Plastic Bag Wastage
  24. Green Trash Can
  25. One Bottle at a Time: Refuse to Buy Bottled Water
  26. Le tri selectif doit devenir obligatoire en France ! Le non respect du tri doit tre sanctionné
    Selective sorting should become compulsory in France! Failure sorting must be punished
  27. Propose vegetarian menus in all canteens and cafeterias in France
  28. Protection for Elephants used in the Circus
  29. UK - Don't Resurrect Zombie Roads
  30. Save the Little Spotted Cat!!
  31. City of San Angelo Plastic Bag Ban
  32. Don't like Taylor Swift because calf roping
  33. Tell Giorgio Armani to Stop Using Rabbit Fur
  34. Thank Costa Rica for Banning Hunting, and Shark Finning
  35. Justice For Caracal Nina - Against Violence to innocent animals!
  37. Stop Hunting Endangered Species in Texas
  38. Tell Banks to Stop Investing in Mountain-top Removal
Personal remarks:
Petitions marked with yellow don't have a target.
Petitions marked with orange are incomplete.
Very disappointed in petitions cos they used to be my favorite. Petition background can't be the same as the petition letter!!! Each headline must start with a capital letter and there should be no grammatical mistakes! Each name should be written with capital letters, otherwise no petition will be taken seriously! has bad petitions for quite awhile now. The same rules apply for the petitions on this site, too. I have no problem in signing them, but it's a waste of time if they are not meant to be sent to the right people and addresses.


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