Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/16

  1. Animals are not entertainers! Close zoos, circuses, water parks, rodeos! (confirmation needed)
  2. Petition to end the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity (confirmation needed)
  3. Stop subsidising biofuel rainforest destruction
  4. Stop Keystone XL at its Source: Say No to Shell’s Tar Sands Mine!
  5. Support Senator Mac Harb's Bill to End the Seal Slaughter (CANADA)
  6. Drift gillnets killing endangered turtles, whales and more (US)
  1. Save Maui's dolphins now!
  2. O.S.P.C.A.: Investigate the conditions of the facility/animals at Papanack Zoo.
  3. Hollywood Puppies Boutique and Salon in San Antonio, TX: Work with shelters/rescues instead of breeders, brokers, puppy mills.
  4. Landlords: Stop making tenants surrender their animals.
  5. Polk County Public Works Department, Air Quality Division: Stop allowing open burning in Saylor Township near Ankeny Iowa.
  6. McDonald's Australia: Leave Tecoma and the Dandenong Ranges alone!
  1. Demand Artist Apologize for Killing 9,000 Butterflies As Part of Art Exhibit
  2. Protect Pacific Northwest Prairie Habitat for Rare Songbirds and Butterflies
  3. Applaud Disney for its New Forest-Friendly Paper Policy
  4. Applaud Norway for Increasing Carbon Taxes to Fight Climate Change
  5. Californians Have the Right to Know About Genetically Modified Food
  6. Applaud General Mills for Cutting Down on Sugar in Their Cereals
  7. Protect California Farmland
  1. Contact family members when pets are involved in car accident
  2. Close Pollywood Pets! In Gibraltar Trade Center
    target is "anyone to shut this place down"... who is that "anyone:?
  3. Dog park to be shared with abused/abandoned animals
  4. Tell Japan to stop hunting whales!!
  5. Stop The Cruel Dog and Cat Meat Trade In South Korea
  6. Charge a non-reusable bag fee at stores in Missoula County

  7. Stop Farming Endangered Turtles for Meat!

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