Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/10

Lioness Befriends Baby Antelope After Killing Its Mother In Uganda (PHOTOS)
After story of lioness and baby antelope, are great videos of interspecies friendships!

    The shooting is about to start we need you to act NOW
  2. Please DO NOT support a derogation to the 2013 EU ban on selling animal tested cosmetics
  3. Rt Hon David Heath - Action needed on live transport
  4. Miami Seaquarium: Give Lolita Her Freedom!
  5. Please Save Rabbits From Cruel Factory Farm
  6. Please Save Cows From Life of Suffering
  7. Thank the President for Standing Up for Polar Bears!
  8. Tell Burger King to take a stand against blatant animal abuse.
  9. Tell Alabama's Governor and Senate President: Protect Cats!
  10. Stop the eviction! - Sign an online petition in support of our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre and stop its eviction from Tam Dao National Park. We will present the petitions to the Prime Minister of Vietnam to appeal to him to allow the centre to continue operating and expand as originally agreed with the Vietnamese government.
  11. Dog Dragged to Death
  12. Letter to Director of Animal Welfare, Kyo-Young, Seo: Enforce Korea's Animal Protection Law!
  13. Botanical Area Urgently Needs Your Help!
  14. I’ll stand for the Tarkine!
  15. E-Protest: Kein Steuergeld für unsichere AKW
    No tax money for
     unsafe nuclear plant
  16. Call for ban of bird hunting and trapping in Malta
  18. President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa: Please free the Elephant tied up in the Gangarama Temple
  19. Replantear política de control animal en Mexicali, B.C.
  20. Ban Chinese-Made Pet Treats That Are Killing Dogs And Cats
  21. Enact Stronger Protection Laws for Captive Animals in Ontario
  1. Rescind the Ban on Pit Bulls in Paradise
  2. Saving the dying dogs in Ahpae Hanane
  3. Stop Future Killings of Montana Bears
  4. Stop the Proposed Development of Heath Park Woods
  5. Stop Eating Endangered Animals!
  6. Save Wild Horses from Slaughter
  7. Stop Washington Wolf Killings
  8. Stop Plan to Kill Australian Sharks
  9. Save Old Logger's Path and Rock Run from unnecessary gas development!
  10. Save Indy
  1. Stop Allowing Euthanasia for Adoptable Pets at 72 Hours and Create Stricter Laws for Animal Cruelty
  2. Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu: Allow Use of Part of Makiki District Park as an Off-Leash Dog Park
  3. Stop Howard Co. Deer Hunts, Install Lite Reflectors/Warning System Instead
  4. University of Minnesota: Let 'We Can Ride' Keep Serving Disabled People at the U of M Equine Center
  5. Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey circuses, all circuses: Take animals out of the circus acts!
  6. Colorado and the Gas & Oil industry: Don't frack our city
  7. Fleet Week/Blue Angels: Stop flying, rattling our homes, scaring our dogs, and wasting resources
  8. Kelly Ripa: We want Kelly to volunteer her time to her local pit bull rescue
  9. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro: Create "San Antonio Animal Cops" to truly enforce pet laws
  10. Burger King: Stop Torturing Cows for Cheese
  11. Landlords to end their "no pet" policy
  12. Dog Owners and State/Local Government Officials: Require dogs to be secured safely inside a vehicle or kennel while driving.
  13. Bürgermeister von Calbe: Wir fordern eine artgerechte Haltung der Bärin "Jette"
    Mayor of Calbe: We call for a welfare for  the bear "Jette"
  14. Tony Burke: Reverse approval for Hancock's coal export terminal at Abbot Point
  15. Town of Drummondville, Quebec: Allow people to grow healthy vegetables in their front gardens.
  16. Kita Butuh Energi Bukan Minyak dan Batubara
    We Need Energy Not Oil and Coal
  18. Enrico Rossi, Governatore della Regione Toscana: Non finanziare ricerche con sperimentazione animale della Novartis Siena
    Enrico Rossi, governor of the Tuscany Region: Do not fund research with animal testing of Novartis Siena
  19. Chiediamo al ministro Clini di non rilasciare l'AIA all' ILVA di Taranto
  20. รับซาลาเปาหนมจีบ และช่วยกันลดถุงไหมคะ
    Reduce plastic bags
  21. ประชาชนชาวไทย: ร่วมผลักดันกฎหมายพลังงานหมุนเวียนฉบับแรกของไทย
    Thai people: the push for renewable energy, the first law of the United States.
  22. ร่วมลงนามถึงนายกรัฐมนตรีไทย "หยุดเขื่อนไซยะบุรี ปกป้องวิถีแม่น้ำโขง": To Prime Minister of Thailand - “Stop Xayaburi Dam”
  23. ขอให้พารากอน: แสดงความรับผิดชอบต่อปัญหายาฆ่าแมลงปนเปื้อนในผัก
    The Paragon / Gourmet market: Responsibility contaminated with pesticides in vegetables.
  24. บริษัท ช. การช่าง จำกัด (มหาชน): ยุติการสร้างเขื่อนไซยะบุรีบนแม่น้ำโขง
    CH. Technician(s): Terminate the Xayaburi dam on the Mekong River.
  25. จตุจักรปรับปรุงโซนขายสัตว์ให้สะอาดปลอยภัย
    Chatuchak sells the animals to clean the floating safety zone.
    Friends and people on web forums told me not to buy pets, especially a dog, from the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The animals are kept in overcrowded, unhygienic conditions that many say are like a breeding ground for disease.
    I didn’t believe them and ended up falling in love with a miniature schnauzer who I later called Bobby. Sure enough, Bobby fell gravely ill days after I got him then died a few months later. The pain of watching my dog die such a horrible death motivated me to start a petition asking the Department of Livestock and the City Hall to inspect the pet stores and get the Chatuchak Market owners to finally clean up their act.
  1. STOP and BAN all bird trapping and hunting in the Maltese Islands
    (no right target)
  2. Save Gorillas, Orangutans and Chimpanzees
  3. Demand Permit for Tiger Breeding
  4. Stop Bowhunting Plans in Florida
  5. Save the Moon Bears!
  6. Bring Jake-E home to his Mom
  7. Protect and keep Stingrays in their natural habitat
  8. Canada - Address the Arctic's Rapid Thaw!
    additional petition: Attention: Hon. Andrew Scheer
    I urge you to reconsider your decision to deny the member for Halifax's request for an emergency debate on the rapidly melting Arctic icecap. The situation is dire and meets any reasonable criteria for an emergency debate.
  9. Keep Wolves Protected in Utah
  10. Support Conservation Funding
  11. Stop the Wisconsin Bear Hunt
  12. Tell Canada to Protect Reefs from Harmful Fishing

  13. Stop the Demonization of Wolves
  14. Demand The End Of Horse Slaughter
  15. Stop barbaric horse fights in China!
  16. Orangutans Need Justice!
  17. Stop the eviction of Animals Asia Vietnam bear rescue centre
    additional petition: Take Action now to save Animals Asia's Vietnam Sanctuary
    1. Email The Honourable Prime Minister Mr Nguyen Tan Dung
    2. Sign our petition 'Stop the Eviction!' (available under No. 10 among various petitions above)
    3. Spread the word
  18. PLEASE Help STOP the EVICTION of Moonbears
  19. Stop the use of live turtles and gold fish being used as keychains in China.
  20. To NJ Governor Chris Christie Requesting A Public Animal Sex Offender Registry Is Made Available
  21. Dog dragged to death: Reopen the case
    video and articles in the petition as well as two petitions you can also find under No. 11 & 12 among various petitions above.
  22. Burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea's Animal Protection Laws
    video and article available in the petition as well as the petition No. 12 among various petitions above and also this petition on Punish the man who burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea's Animal Protection Laws. (personal remark: instead of photographing, those students should have stopped this man! it's more people on one man... who hard it could be?)
  23. Justice for Mama
  24. Don't Relax Sea Turtle Bycatch Limits in Hawaii

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