Thursday, October 25, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/25

  1. Time is running out - help save 18 belugas from a life in captivity
  2. Please SEND a MESSAGE below to the public input process - DEADLINE is November 5, 2012!
  3. Please help end the use of gestation crates in Canada
  4. Ask your MEP to vote to protect sharks today! (EU)
  5. Protect Colorado's White River National Forest from dangerous fracking!
  6. Urgent Help Needed - Buffers Protections In Philadelphia Hijacked by Developers?
    Developers are hijacking the Philadelphia City Council process. If they get away with it then we will all be denied the benefit and value of protective stream and river buffers.
  7. The US Navy has permission to kill, maim & harass 7,956 whales and 100,000 dolphins per year. Now they want to increase the killing. Tell the Department of Fisheries/NOAA to stop issuing permits for this slaughter! Sign our petition!
  8. Stop the trivialization of halal and kosher slaughter (confirmation needed)
  9. We ask  to create a certificate "respect for animal welfare"
  10. Take Action: Tell your Senate candidates to put toxics on their agenda.
    Fight back, and make sure your Senate candidates know that you care about increased oversight on toxic chemicals.
  11. We need a 2012 Farm Bill. Period.
    For the sake of our nation’s health, our farmers, and our natural resources, we need you to do your job. We need a better Farm Bill, and we need it this year!
  12. Take Useless Missiles Off High Alert
  1. Fermiamo il massacro delle foche! - Let's stop the massacre of seals!
  2. China: Selling faux fur to Canada really living animals beaten skinned alive
  3. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC!: Ban the sale of real fur and seriously investigate the fur trade!
  4. Palm Beach School District: Stop forcing High School students to dissect cats in order to pass Anatomy
  5. Help Save Springs for Florida Manatees. Say No to Reductions in Flow!
  6. Ao Congresso Nacional: Revoguem o inciso II do parágrafo 1º do artigo 1º da Lei 11.794/08
    Repeal law's paragraph that allows the dissection of even live animals at schools and universities.
  7. University of Florida: Take a humane approach to managing community cats!
  8. United Airlines: Have PetSafe Program policies changed to protect the animal and owner.
  9. Mundo Marino Buenos aires, Argentina: release this poor dear of a whale Kshamenk!
  10. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!: Stop this horrible crime
    no target specified
  11. Brisbane City Council: Create off-leash dog beaches
  12. Mount Barker District Council: Create a safe and fenced off-leash dog park in the Mount Barker District
  1. We demand justice for the animals put to death by decision of Ibama
  2. Justice for Mary a Lab/Sheperd dog who had Drano and Bleach poured down her throat
  3. Justice For Mary German/lab mix murdered By Sean Janas
  4. Pledge Not to Eat Baby Pigeons! Say No to Squab!
  5. Justice For Riley-PLEASE,PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!!! NOW-COURT ON 10/31/12
  6. Spay/Neuter Laws needed in Alabama
  7. Canada- Stop Killing Grey Seals!
  8. Save Whales and Dolphins from US Navy's New Deadly Plan
  9. Ban Plastic Bags in the New Paltz Vicinity
  10. Support Coal Plant Protestors in China

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