Sunday, November 19, 2017

A holiday gift that really matters | African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation
Can you herd your friends together?
Don't just love Africa's wildlife. Save it by starting your personal fundraising campaign. It's as easy as:
Name it Set a Goal Share it
Create your campaign:
Give it a name. Add a personal description. Have fun.
Campaign Name:
Friend's Pride for Lions
Set a goal:
Decide how much you'd like to raise.
Campaign Goal:
Tell your friends: Let everyone know. -Will you contribute to my campaign to save lions? They're disappearing fast, so please help me reach my goal in time. Donate now.-
Africa's threatened species need you. Be there for them.
Poaching and habitat loss are driving elephants, gorillas, lions, and rhinos toward extinction. Herd your friends together, and watch your personal AWF campaign grow to protect Africa's most majestic wildlife.
Start your campaign
Set up a campaign this holiday season that gives you what you want most: protection for Africa's wildlife.
Start your campaign
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African Wildlife Foundation 
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Photos courtesy of: Clement Kiragu/, Jeff Dupain, and AWF

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