Saturday, November 11, 2017

Let the Bidding Begin! | Save the Chimps

Jane Goodall Signing Painting
Dear Friend,
The All Chimps Auction kicks off today!
One of the most unforgettable and important auction items is an original painting of Dr. Jane Goodall communicating with a chimpanzee by artist Dan Anderson. Jane personally signed it for Save the Chimps on our 20th Anniversary to raise awareness and support for renewed efforts to retire more chimpanzees to sanctuary.
You have the opportunity to bid on this and much more during the auction to help further the mission we all share to provide exemplary care to chimpanzees in need. 
Every day at Save the Chimps, we marvel at the amazing things chimpanzees can do. Painting is just one of many enrichment activities the chimpanzees here choose. And, as you’ll see in the video below, some of them seem to get very absorbed in their work . . .
To watch them intently swirling their brushes, changing colors and admiring their work will give you a sense of how intelligent, sensitive and creative chimpanzees truly are.
The resulting artwork is wonderful! You will find many examples among the auction items. 
Thank you for watching and participating in the All Things Chimp Auction. It is your kindness that helps make everything we do possible! Please watch the video and discover the auction now.
Molly Polidoroff
Executive Director    The world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary
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To provide sanctuary and exemplary care to chimpanzees in need.
The world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary thanks you for making this work possible.
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