Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Let Little Man convince you | North Shore Animal League America

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Be there for Little Man in a big way.
Help more pets like him have a successful rescue journey
Dear Andrea,

This past month, we've shown you a few incredible rescue journeys — stories of horrifically abused and neglected pets who are alive today because of support from friends like you.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to Little Man. This adorable Dachshund/Poodle Mutt-i-gree® — our affectionate term for our shelter pets — has irreversible deformities in his hind legs and is blind in his left eye from the condition microphthlamos.

At an overcrowded shelter, this tiny pup from Tennessee would likely not have survived. But luckily our rescue team was able to reach him before the worst could happen...

Pets like Little Man need your support!
Save an animal's life by making a meaningful gift to our no-kill mission today.
Andrea, some might see a dog with complicated medical issues like Little Man and give up on him. But not us and not you. That's why the minute he entered our doors, we set him up with the care he needed for a better life — including a small mobility cart to assist his hind legs.

We also connected this spirited young dog with a loving family from our Foster Care Program, so he could acclimate to home life while awaiting adoption.

Today, Little Man is a healthy dog thanks to animal lovers like you. You're the link that helps ensure all our pets have a future. So please make a gift today to help us give more pets like him the lifesaving care and love they need.

Remember, all our rescue journeys begin with you.
 J. John Stevenson
 J. John Stevenson
J. John Stevenson
President, North Shore Animal League America
P.S. You and I know each pet is deserving of every chance in the world — and that's what we work tirelessly to provide at North Shore Animal League America. Give today and help us care for more pets in need at every step of their journey — from rescue to adoption.
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