Sunday, November 19, 2017

Learn About Animal Testing AND Feed Shelter Animals!

Animal Petitions
We investigate animal testing in our newest Educational Series. More than 115 million animals worldwide are used for experimentation and biomedical research every year. To learn more about animal testing and feed shelter animals in the process,please check out this month's Educational Series on animal testing.

While everyone can study our educational materials and take our quizzes, only Premium Members will have shelter meals donated for correct answers. If you'd like to feed shelter animals for every correct quiz answer, please consider upgrading now.
In addition to gaining access to all the Premium Perks (which include feeding shelter animals with the Educational Series, signing 100's of petitions with one-click, removing all ads from the site, and voting on which petitions are promoted to millions of people) if you upgrade now you will be providing the financial support that we desperately need to continue our work. Running an online activism organization is expensive and we rely on the generosity of our members to support our operations. 
Please check out the Educational Series and if you enjoy it, please consider upgrading to a Premium Membership to support our educational and advocacy work.
-Animal Petitions and ForceChange Team Member

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