Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Give a Gift of Compassion and Love by "Adopting" a Primate | Born Free USA

Give a Gift of Compassion and Love by "Adopting" a Primate

November 21, 2017
Dear Andrea,
This Thanksgiving, give the primates at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary something else to be thankful for!
Taz. Lil'Bit. Gizmo. Poco. They are outgoing, retiring, boisterous, solitary, tall, petite, funny, and serious. A potpourri of personalities. An astounding assortment of attitudes and attributes. But, they have one thing in common: they are among approximately 600 "residents" of the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.
Some are retired from research. Most are survivors of captivity: rescued from crates and cages from their years as "pets," or freed from horrific conditions at public and roadside zoos. They have often endured hardship and cruelty. But now, at our Dilley, Texas sanctuary—the largest such facility in the country—they are safe and loved, often for the very first time.
From November 21-January 2, Born Free USA will highlight these and other primates via the fictional (Pri)mate "adoption service," providing information, insight, and background on each monkey to help you find your perfect adoptable primate match. We're asking animal lovers and compassionate conservationists to "make a holiday love connection" by "adopting" one (or more) of the Sanctuary's primates, and, if the holiday spirit moves you, donating to fund an additional Sanctuary need, like food, medical care, enrichment, or a new enclosure! Get to know our first group of adoptable primates:
At the core of our organization, inspired by the iconic film Born Free, is a celebration of each animal as an individual. While raising crucial funds for Born Free USA and the Sanctuary—for food, medical care, and other needs for the primates—these profiles reinforce the uniqueness of each animal. We're pleased to offer this look at the individual primates, for whom, through your generous support, we are honored to provide shelter and care, in a home closest to the wild that many of these animals will ever know.
"Adopt" a primate today!
For the animals,
Prashant Khetan, CEO
P.S. Share this email with your animal-loving friends, family, and colleagues this Thanksgiving, encouraging them to "adopt" a primate, too!
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