Friday, November 24, 2017

Going Shopping? Go APE! | Save the Chimps

Dear Friend,
On Black Friday you can search for parking, feel frustrated, stand in lines, and go crazy …
Or you can find great gifts, experience some joy, and stand for something while you Go Ape!
At Save the Chimps we have some amazing gift ideas to help you check off your list. Best of all, each gift you choose helps support our mission of lifetime care and conservation:
Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Why not feel GOOD when you shop, while you give truly special holiday gifts that will make your friends and family smile?
Experience all our amazing Save the Chimps gift ideas here. You’ll never look at Black Friday the same way again!
In Gratitude,
Molly Polidoroff
Executive Director    The world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary
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To provide sanctuary and exemplary care to chimpanzees in need.
The world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary thanks you for making this work possible.
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