Friday, November 24, 2017

Join us and save lion from Razgrad Zoo, Bulgaria | FOUR PAWS

Save Razgrad Lions 

A tiny cage is not the place for the King of the animals.   
The FOUR PAWS team wants to end the suffering of five lions living in Razgrad Zoo. The lion and his two bothers have been living in this poor conditions since the day they were born. Neglected of food, care, and space his brother did not survive. At least ten other lions have already died in this illegal breeding station. FOUR PAWS started a negotiation with the owners of the horrific zoo. They have agreed to improve living conditions of the animals and allowed some lions to be transferred to our SANCTUARIES.

This young lion is the one in the worst health conditions and we need to transfer him fast. FOUR PAWS wants to take him to a temporary location in Sofia so he can receive medical assistance before being transferred. Join us and help save this lion's life.

#SaveRazgradLions. Your donation WILL make a difference.

With warmest regards, 

Heli Dungler
Founder and president of FOUR PAWS 

Linke Wienzeile 236
A-1150 Vienna
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