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'I remember him being covered in dirt and leaves, and being skin and bones when he came in.' - Dorit Shani, Animal League America Feline Enrichment Manager
Give an older animal like him the chance at a new life.
Dear Andrea,

Why do we work so hard to be with homeless pets on every single step of their rescue journey? It's for pets like Charlie, who simply would not have survived otherwise.

Emaciated and unkempt, this elderly Domestic Longhair cat was struggling to stay alive at a flower shop, where he was given next to no food or water... his story is all too common, which is why I hope you'll be there for the next Charlie by making an urgent donation today.

It was Volunteer, Foster Parent, and National Spokesperson Beth Stern who reached out to us to save poor Charlie — and it's so fortunate she did.
Give neglected pets like Charlie hope

Help us save more animals in need of our care with a gift today.
With a mass in his stomach, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, renal disease, and a heart condition — Charlie was running out of time.

After immediate care and examination, our team placed Charlie in our Foster Care Program as a hospice case, giving him all the medical attention and love in the world. And amazingly, in only a year, Charlie recovered... he was even adopted by a loving family!

Charlie got his second chance at life thanks to animal lovers just like you. It's why I hope you will lend your support today and help us save even more animals in need like him.

Together, I know we can be there for every defenseless pet who needs us.
 J. John Stevenson
Thank you,
 J. John Stevenson
J. John Stevenson
President, North Shore Animal League America
P.S. Charlie is now 13 years old and one of 30 senior cats we've helped place into loving, responsible homes. Others may see an older pet like him and call him a lost cause. But you and I know he deserves our love. Please help us continue providing care to every animal in need no matter what — and make a heartfelt gift to North Shore Animal League America today.
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83 cents of every dollar goes directly to animal program services.

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