Monday, November 27, 2017

Winter fun warms up as we approach the goal! | Save the Chimps

Dear Friend,
This is your urgent last-chance reminder! You're making all the difference in the 2017 Winter Auction. 
The last ten minutes of each auction item is a fun time to compete for what you most want. Keep a close eye on your items at 9pm EST!
“Bid Wars” extends an item’s close time until the bidding competition ceases. When no bids have been placed for 10 minutes, the winner is announced.
Fortunately, it's not too late to submit your bids or raise your bids on auction items. There's something for everyone.
So don’t miss your chance! Bidding ends tonight at 9pm EST.
Thank you for your support of the mission of care and conservation at Save the Chimps!

With Gratitude,
Molly Polidoroff
Executive Director    The world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary
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To provide sanctuary and exemplary care to chimpanzees in need.
The world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary thanks you for making this work possible.
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