Sunday, November 19, 2017

Three elephants in Connecticut just got a lawyer | The Nonhuman Rights Project

Our New Clients 

Dear friend,
I'm happy to share with you the news that, after years of careful preparation, we have filed the world's first nonhuman rights lawsuit on behalf of captive elephants, demanding recognition of their legal personhood and right to bodily liberty.
As reported by the Washington PostNBC NewsNewsweek, and other outlets, our clients are Beulah, Karen, and Minnie, three elephants held captive at Connecticut’s Commerford Zoo and used for decades in traveling circuses, fairs, and other forms of entertainment. We're asking the court to release them to PAWS ARK 2000 natural habitat sanctuary, where their right to bodily liberty will be respected. How you can help:
  • Learn more about Beulah, Karen, and Minnie and read and share our court filings, including our petition for a common law writ of habeas corpus and affidavits submitted in support by world-renowned elephant experts Joyce Poole, Cynthia Moss, Ed Stewart, Lucy Bates, Richard M. Byrne, and Karen McComb    
  • Check out our Online Activist Toolkit to #RumbleForRights for elephants on social media
  • Read our press release
  • Read blog posts in support of our lawsuit by Lori Sirianni (Friends of Lucy); Barbara Lovett (Save Nosey Now); Debbie Ethell (the KOTA Foundation for Elephants); Upreshpal Singh (the Free Lasah campaign); and Carrie LeBlanc (CompassionWorks International)
  • Make a donation to help us prepare for the legal fight ahead
As we make clear in our legal arguments, elephants are autonomous beings. It’s time to recognize their fundamental rights.

Thank you as always for your support, and stay tuned!
Steven M. Wise
President, the NhRP
Working for the recognition and protection of fundamental rights for nonhuman animals.
The Nonhuman Rights Project
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