Thursday, June 7, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign and Share
  1. Stop Greyhounds being tortured to death in Spain
  2. Stop Devore Animal Shelter from killing animals without giving them a chance to be adopted
  3. Ask London Restaurants to STOP Serving Foie Gras
    Hi Everyone, Thank you for signing my petition, which will now be forwarded to London restaurants that serve foie gras. It%u2019s amazing we have reached over 15,000 signatures. This could not have been done without your support. A big thank you! Also if you would like me to send to a restaurant you know also serve foie gras please don't hesitate to contact me at Thank you again! Let's make foie gras a food for history books not today's menus together. I'll open a new petition to keep the momentum going - please look out for it and sign again. Take care, Jean
  4. Animal Abuse Offender List
  5. Tell WWF To Remove Nepal From Travel List; Don't Support This Country's Continued Torture Of Animals
    Thank you for your interest! Even though the petition is closed, you can still contact WWF directly by sending an email at
  1. End Animal Abuse at a California Livestock Auction House
  2. Don’t Let Congress Stall Efforts to Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock
  3. Urban Decay: Don't change your animal testing policy because you're moving to China.
  4. Urban Decay: Refuse Animal Testing in China
  5. Rowena Godaire: Stop the purchase of 3,600 goats to use in cruel trauma training
  6. BLM: Stop the attack on Cloud’s Herd on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range
  7. The show Toddlers & Tiaras: Stop giving animals as awards
  8. NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR CASSIE'S LAW for safer railways for dog and owner
  9. patriciamorrill: Stop the selling of animals on Facebook
  10. Spain: stop the day of the geese
  11. Hartz Hurtz
  12. Richard Goodwin
  13. Congress: Stop euthanizing military dogs -- instead allow the dogs to be adopted
  14. Tim Hortons: Stop support the cruel animal practice of gestation of pigs and chickens
  15. Fin-Free New Jersey (US)
  1. Stop funding/conducting animal experiments
    Closed on June 26, 2012
  2. Justice ... dog dragged along a 1 km by car (confirmation needed)
  3. Protect the world's oceans at the Rio+20 Earth Summit
  4. Take action at Rio+20 Рcommit Chile to a sustainable energy future without HidroAys̩n
  5. Please Dissolve Angel's Gate and Ensure That Its Victims Are Seized
  6. Please help stop the palm oil mafia!
  7. For sustainable land use
  8. Tell the AMA to Join Us with this reasonable and common sense proposal - It's time to Label GMOs!
  9. Protect Florida's Waters from Toxic Algae
  10. EPA, please choose science over political influence!
Updated on October 7.

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