Friday, June 29, 2012

Story I like a lot

From trash to Treasure

We adopted Kali (chi-weenie) because on a trip to PetsMart for dog food it was love at first sight. She is a rottweiler in a tiny package and rules the "pack".
Lexi, the little terrier was found through PetFinder, and adopted from a horrible kill shelter that the rescue I volunteer with pulls dogs from before their "expiration date". I drove over 200 miles to get her (they wouldn't release her to our rescue). She was a dirty, matted, terrified creature huddling at the back of her crate. I was wondering how she would fit with our "wild" pack, but we paid the fees and took her to a vet there, they hadn't given even rabies vaccine since they usually kill.
Back home our current pack greeted her nicely, though she continued to be terrified. I left her crate door open in my walk-in closet and she only came out to potty or eat, then would dash inside and hide.
Over the course of months, she came out more and more, learned what treats and petting was all about and learned from the rest of our dogs that she was in a good place. She continued to gain confidence and it was then that I'd realized she'd been pilfering and hoarding in her crate - probably from never having too much. It was heartbreaking.
Fast forward to two years later - she is a confident, sassy little girl that while she's the lowest in pack order, she is loved by all of her packmates, dogs included. She loves life on the farm and can be seen sharing her buddy Tucson's dinner (palomino gelding) kissing her kitty friends or playing chase and wrestling with her border collie and chi-weenie buddies until they flop down exhausted in the grass. Life is good.

Grand Junction, CO

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