Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Latest Petitions

  1. Save the red-cockaded woodpecker in Alabama!
  2. Save Thai pangolins!
  3. Save Orangutans, Chimps and Gorillas
  5. Boycott El-Al AirLines - Transporter of Mazor Farm monkeys to Hell
    S U C C E S S !!!!! 19.6.2012 After a little more than 5000 petition signatures and tens of thousands of emails, facebook messages and phone calls, El-Al has publicly announced that it will immediately and permanently refrain from flying any monkeys for experimentation purposes. We would like to congratulate El-Al for its decision. We are terminating the boycott, while keeping one eye open wide and watching, as we would like to make it clear that the true and only test is whether El-Al keeps its promise. For more details and staying tuned about the main battle against Mazor Farm, please join us at Shut Down Mazor Farm:
  6. Boycott El-Al AirLines - Transporter of Mazor Farm monkeys to Hell! (2nd petition)
  7. Family Dog Run Over Repeatedly by Postal Worker
  8. Oppose the use of live animals in the Olympic opening ceremony
  9. Important Care2 announcement
  10. Do our 'clicks to donate' to breast cancer fund research that experiments and tests on animals?
    The petition "Do our 'clicks to donate' to breast cancer fund research that experiments and tests on animals?" is now closed. I am sending this petition to the Founder and CEO of Care2 Inc, Mr Randy Paynter. I will also ask him to give us an official answer to this question. When I receive his reply I will post it under Petitions, under Animal Welfare. Thank you for signing. Regards Susan Griffiths
  11. Help find Kitten Panda's Killer NOW
  12. Reauthorize Multinational Species Conservation Funds
  13. Ban Paraquat in the Cayman Islands
  14. Stop Glossing Over Alberta's Oil Spills: Launch Full Independent Investigation
  1. Leave the cats of CAS alone!
  2. The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General: Charge Matthieu Arbour and Angele Lazurko for their act of animal abuse.
  3. Stop The Madness of Tigers As Exotic Pets!
  4. Indonesian authority officials/Autoridades de Indonesia: Close Down Indonesian Dolphin Traveling Circus
  5. Bibb County (Georgia) Commissioners: Keep Van VanDeWalker as the Interim Director
  6. Stop China and their dolphin slaughter
  7. Make Veggie Percy Pigs Vegan! (Please!)
  8. The US Postal Service: Bring a heartless dog killer to justice
  9. Let them live. Let them live free.
  10. PetSmart: Stop Using Rainbow World Exotics For Small Animals and Birds
  11. Sandy City Shelter Reform
  12. City of Piedmont Police Department in Piedmont, AL: Drop the Charges against Joe Giri.
  1. Protect Fragile Habitats in the Arctic from Oil and Gas Development
  2. Don’t Cut Funding That Saves Gorillas
  3. Save the Salt River Wild Horses
  4. Stop Homeowner’s Association from Poisoning Birds
  5. Tell Shriners International to Stop Funding Cruel Animal Experiments
  6. Don’t Allow North Carolina to Ignore Sea Level Projections
  7. Tell Mitt Romney that Drilling for Oil in National Parks isn’t an Energy Solution
  8. Stop Premature Deaths Caused by Pollution from Coal Plants
  9. Giant Dam Threatens Lake Ecosystem and Indigenous Livelihood
    UPDATE: July 11, 2012 - Lennox was murdered!
    On June 12, 2012 an injustice was done to a poor dog named Lennox and his family. A horrible case of BSL (breed specific legislation) that removed an innocent dog from his home and left him to languish in substandard conditions for 2 years while his family fought for his return. Uncorroborated testimony, lies and a complete lack of honest judgment for the last 2 years has resulted in the final word – Lennox will be put to sleep. No valid reason – no proof of aggression – this was a loved pet who served as an aide for a little girl.
  2. Extreme severity for sadistic torturers monsters of a dog!
    New petition, again for acts of unspeakable cruelty and abominable to a young 6 months old boxer who was dragged behind a car before being rescued by firefighters from Montauban (France). The animal was in critical condition, his knees summers planed by the asphalt, his skin burned as well, and the vet used over 7m wire to sew. The authors of this abomination, the same caused to Lucky the Dalmatian (see my first petition) who did not survive were identified. Let’s sign this so that justice, in the highest degree, will be demanded from this "rottenness" (to stay polite nonetheless) who do not deserve the name of "human beings" ... We demand exemplary sentences of a severity flawless for the executioners torturers of innocent animals! (confirmation needed)
  3. Pelo julgamento do governo ucraniano pela morte de milhares de animais
  4. Stop the abuse of wild animals in Russia for training kennel
    Oslovenie: address
    Pán : Mr,
    Pani : Mrs,
    Rodina : Family
    Meno: name
    Priezvisko : surname
  5. Help save our precious animals from abuse
  6. Get justice for the BEAR
    Fb group: Petition for Bear
  7. Stop new FREE RANGE EGGS standards in AUSTRALIA
  8. NO to the expansion of power plant KAUNERTAL & YES to protect the Venter and Gurgler Ache and Platzertales
  9. Tell EPA: No on 2,4-D
  10. Pledge to say "No" to plastic bags!
  11. Support Cleaner Aviation and Oppose S.1956 (US)
  12. Please oppose the Gasoline Regulations Act (US)
Updated on October 10.

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