Friday, June 1, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign and Share
  1. Stop portray wolves as monsters in movies
  2. Stop illegal trading in endangered species in India!
  3. Save These Horses--PLEASE SIGN!!
  4. Save the Stray Dogs in Bulgaria from being Murdered.
  5. Change Madison County Illinois Animal Control Now!
  6. Keep Ocearch Out of California (protect our white sharks)
  7. Ban Unregulated Stud Posts and Groups on Facebook
  8. The Truth about Betta Fish
  9. Tell Peru to Stop Seismic Testing in Our Oceans
  10. Stop Embridge Inc. from destroying Canada Rain Forest

  11. Defend Canada's Environment Against Big Oil This Sunday!

    Sign up with your phone number and you'll receive a call to join the meeting on June 3rd from 4:00 to 5:00 EST, and you'll also receive updates from Greenpeace on how you can continue to make a difference.
  1. Equal Rights For All Breeds
  2. When a Racehorse Falls
  3. National Police: Let there be justice for the 2 dogs burned alive.
  4. Stephen Harper: End the Annual Canadian Seal Hunt
  5. Dear Mr. President: Say "No" to Puppy Mills
  6. The Mayor of Kalkan,The Governor of Kaş and Commander of Kalkan Gendarmerie: WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE POISONED KALKAN DOGS
  7. Minnesota State Legislature: Ban use of plastic bags from grocery and retail stores
  8. Don't Give Away NJ Public Lands for Fracked Gas Pipelines (US)
  9. Explain to God your treatment of his animals! Repeal the Burns Amendment now! (US)
  1. Protect Circus Elephants from Abuse in Atlanta
  2. Tell EU Leaders to Halt the Trade of Rhino Products
  3. Urge California to Develop Humane Methods for Dealing with Mountain Lion Incidents
  4. Help New York City Ban Shark Fin Soup
  5. Help Save Research Pigs in Ontario
  6. Stop Wolf Trapping Outside of Alaska’s Denali National Park
  7. Consumers Duped into Believing their Animal Products are Humanely Raised
  8. Urge the Obama Administration to Become a Leader in Global Climate Change Negotiations
  9. Protect Our Streams and Wetlands from Corporate Pollution
  1. Vote - Should Canada end the seal hunt?
  2. Penalization for abuse of wild animals (confirmation needed)
  3. No to the exportation of Brazilian donkeys to China (confirmation needed)
  4. Animals are not objects, they have rights! (confirmation needed)
  5. Tell True Religion to Drop Fur
    Great news! True Religion has committed to being fur-free.
  6. Shed Guards' Unbearable Headgear - Instead of financially supporting the shameful slaughter of black bears for the Queen's Guards' Ceremonial Caps, Great Britain should set a compassionate example by switching to a humane and progressive alternative and commit to stopping the killing.
  7. Against Premarin (PMU) Farms
  9. Justice NEEDED for the 31 Puppies Seized in Clarington
  10. Ban the sale of fois gras and its production
  11. Strengthening Criminal Code Provisions to Prevent Animal Cruelty
  12. Petition to Protect the Agricultural Land Reserve
  13. Commit to a new public policy to support sustainable agriculture
  14. You, the reader, can protest IKEA's actions by signing the following letter and sending it to the management of IKEA and Swedwood.
  15. Tell Organic Brands to Stop Using Carrageenan! - This Synthetic Ingredient Causes Digestive Problems and Cancer
  16. Cameroon: Stop Oil Palm Plantations from Destroying Africa's Ancient Rainforests
  17. Join the revolt
  18. Endangered and Threatened Species: Delisting of Eastern DPS of Steller Sea Lions (Document ID NOAA-NMFS-2011-0208-0001) - Please take a moment to submit a public comment to NMFS telling them not to delist the eastern Steller sea lions, which could jeopardize them as well as the endangered western Stellers who share their territory.
  19. Tell World Leaders to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies!
  20. Tell the ITU: The internet belongs to us!
  21. Ask your MP to support the Rio-UK Declaration (UK)
  22. Co-Sponsor Legislation to Designate Bison the U.S. National Mammal (US)
  23. Protect Montana Wolves From Cruel Traps, Snares (US)
  24. Co-sponsor S. 50, S. 52 and S. 1980 to help reduce seafood fraud and illegal fishing (US)
  25. Save the Oceans, Feed the World - Tell President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Trade Rep. Ron Kirk to support trade agreements that reduce overfishing subsidies today. (US)
  26. Senate Says 'Frankenfish' Don't Need More Testing! Thank or "Spank" Your Senator! (US)
  27. I Support Clean Air (US)
Updated on October 5.

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