Friday, June 15, 2012


We all know Nitro and his story.

I saw this today and felt sooo sad :(

Nitro Foundation HB 70 Law in Ohio
This is my poor Nitro, this picture was taken after the humane agents pulled him out of the freezer so we could identify/see him. As I sat on the floor stroking his fur, kissing his cold dead head, looking into his eyes and sobbing uncontrollably, I was told that animal cruelty in Ohio is a misdemeanor no matter how horrific the abuse. I made Nitro a promise that I would do everything and anything in my power to get the animal cruelty laws and punishments changed in Ohio. Horrific abuse should not be “just a slap on the hand misdemeanor” the monster who did this to Nitro and his kennel mates had many choices, yet he chose none. He chose to let them suffer, linger and starve to death only feet from his home – right in his own back yard!
I’m sorry to post this gut-wrenching photo, but I will post it every single day if I have to in order to get this bill passed. 

3+ years later and I’ve kept my promise but I can’t do it without you. PLEASE HELP BY CALLING Ohio Senate President Niehaus and ask that he put HB108 (Nitro's Law) on the agenda for a vote without further delay. Phone: 614-466-8082. Be sure to tell them you are an Ohio voter and that you vote. Then please call your state senator and ask him or her to urge Senate President Niehaus to put it on the agenda. Do it today! Time is ticking away, Nitro’s law died once already in Senate committee, we cannot let this bill die again!
Not sure who your Ohio State Senator is? need contact info? please just click on this link and type in your zip code: 

Kindly encourage your friends, neighbors and family to call too!

Thank you so very much!

Liz (Nitro’s Mom)

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