Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign and Share

  1. Stop the death of cattle due to the fragmented cans in the hay (confirmation needed)
  2. For a heavy penalty for Rocco-Luka who has tortured animals. He has to serve as an example that such disgusting behavior is not accepted (confirmation needed)
  3. FDA: Close the Loopholes to End Overuse of Antibiotics on Industrial Farms
  4. Triple B Complex Scoping: Please Count My Comments! (very URGENT, before June 28)
  5. Stop Sea turtles being cut up and killed in Australia
  6. ASPCA: Stop euthanizing pit bulls!
  7. Protect Our Woods (UK)
  8. Call the EPA: Stop an Army Corps rubber stamp for Keystone XL
  1. Megan Herriett and her Dangerous Dog Law: Stop her dangerous dog law from harming and doing injustice to animals
  2. ArenaNet: Immortalize Lonesome George in Tyria!
  3. Boycott Chinese Trade; Horrible! Also kills 2 million cats/dogs skinned alive!!!
  4. To all those animal lovers and humanitarians: Support Mumbai for horses to ban horse drawn carriages in Mumbai.
  5. Petco, Pet Smart and every single pet store who sell Beta fish.: Please let Beta fish have more space to swim around in.
  6. Evento "Sacrificio cero" en la perrera de La Rioja: A quien corresponda
  7. Justicia para los animales de la perrera de Movera
  8. Governor of Tennessee: Stop abusing and soring horses for competition
  9. BLM: Start using more humane methods in wild horse and burro gathers.
  10. State of Arizona: Revise AZ Statute 13-2910, include exposing animals to heat over 90 degrees
  11. Congress, President Obama: Protect the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands
  12. Justice for Tony (US)
  13. The President of the United States: Support bill to reclassify US Military Dogs as members of Armed Forces (US)
  1. Support the Creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary
  2. Don’t Allow Increased Logging in Spotted Owl’s Old-Growth Forest Habitat
  3. Evaluate Soundness of Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument Proposal
  4. Senate Rejects Discussion of Key Animal Welfare Issues
  5. Protect the Gulf of Mexico from Agricultural Pollution
  1. Save Southwestern Ocelots
  2. Protect Lynx in New Mexico
  3. Save the New Mexico Cougar
  4. Save the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Remove Judge Grace Nabor in Greenlee Co., City of Clifton, AZ
  6. Remove Clifton, AZ Justice of the Peace, Grace Nabor. Death sent. for Innocent Dog, Tony!
  7. Puppy Needs Help
  8. Keep Protections for Florida Black Bears
  9. Precious white boxer puppy to die in Texas
  10. Pet safety on the Fourth of July
  11. Pennsylvania pit bulls need a helping hand
  12. Save the Frogs
  13. Save the Frogs (2nd Petition)
  14. Don't Kill Florida Black Bears!
  15. Signs of heat stroke or exhaustion in cats
  16. Bear Dancing Is Cruel, Not Cute!
  17. Stop Greenland Killing Whales to Feed Tourists

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