Wednesday, June 20, 2012 and other petitions
  1. Applaud Texas Judge for Upholding Environmental Integrity
  2. Protect Endangered Fish in the Atlantic from Overfishing
  3. Prevent Pesticides from Leaching into U.S. Water Bodies
  4. Prevent the Expansion of Mine to Preserve Colorado’s Forests
  5. Ensure Improved Air Quality in the U.S.
  6. Protect Conservationists from Being Attacked by Poachers
  7. Require Use of Biodegradable Sunscreen in Mexico to Protect Fragile Coral Reefs
  8. World Leaders Must Work Together to Protect Marine Life
  9. Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York City
  10. Ban Commercial Collection of Hawaii’s Reef Wildlife for Aquariums
  11. Protect Tiger Habitat in Thailand
  12. Protest Cloned Animal Food Products
  13. Don’t Allow Natural Gas Fracking in New York Towns
  1. End genetically modified soybean in China
  2. Please Stop Funding Burn Experiments at UTMB
  3. Ultrafine Wool: Confinement, Misery, and Despair
  4. Please close the Internet loophole for pet sellers
  5. Stop the use of 1080 poison
  6. Stop Testing Products on Animals
  7. Prohibit discrimination against people with pets by landlords in Alberta
  8. Say no to trade in rhino horn
  9. Stop animal cruelty in circuses
  10. Against the mining project in Conga (Peru)
  11. Combat animal abuse in overseas territories
  12. Forest Act returns to parliament
  13. Renew the Wildlife Stamp for four more years! (US)
  14. Used for Hunting, Discarded Like Trash
  15. Ukraine is still 'cleansing' its streets of homeless dogs and cats in preparation for EURO 2012!
  16. Petition launched against the French court for the removal and euthanasia of so called dangerous dogs (confirmation needed)
  17. Save Sabrina, Mooky and the three monkeys from Loli Refuge Farm (confirmation needed)
  18. Against the euthanasia of 4 Siberian huskies (confirmation needed)
  19. Horses abandoned
    The protected site Bouillouses in the Pyrenees (66) 2000 meters above sea level in the mountains are very touristical. Several herds of grazing cows and horses belonging to French and Spanish farmers are left alone. These animals are sufficient to care for themselves and so far there is no problem.Unfortunately every year there are incidents which result in the agony of some severely injured animals and the problem arises because no one wants to move! Breeders refuse to move, and some site managers do not want to get involved. Some animals have paws or hooves broken, foals who lost their mother are alone and are attacked by other herds  and other animals are dehydrated until death ensues.It must stop, a letter must be sent to protect these animals,  there must be a responsible person who can be reached asap when an incident happens.
    When signed click on Valider (in blue) (confirmation needed)
  20. Please sign and share this petition...NORWAY WANTS TO PUT TO ASLEEP TWO HEALTHY DOGS SENT FROM ROMANIA !!!! Just because THEY ARE IN FOSTER !!!!
  21. Petition for the Reform of Veterinary inspection
    Ime i prezime : name and first name
    Datum rođenja : date of birth
    Grad : city
  22. Protect the EU's Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics
  23. Justice for Barney
  24. Belo Monte: Your Profit destroyed our lives
  25. Tell BLM Acting Director Pool and Nevada Director Lueders to Stop Helicopter Roundup During Foaling Season
  26. Ban Weaponized Drones from the World
  27. Secret Trade Agreement Would Let Corporations Overrule Democracy -- Help Expose It.
  28. Eliminate Subsidies to Big Oil, Coal and Gas
  29. Action Alert: Rio+20: Protest Global Leaders Obama, Merkel and Cameron's Absence
  30. Help protect vulnerable hares -- Urge your MP to sign EDM 2531 (UK)
  31. Vote No on HR 4480, the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act (US)
  32. Stop the House's latest wildlife attack (US)
  33. Urgent Action Alert: Help Protect Egg-Laying Hens Nationwide (US)
  34. Stop Farm Bill attacks on wildlife (US)
  35. Tell Your U.S. Senators to Oppose the Amendments To Weaken Clean Water Act Before the Senate Acts the Week of June 18 (US)

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