Wednesday, June 6, 2012

  1. Protect Pets Sold Sight Unseen from Abuse and Neglect
  2. Protect Free Speech for Groups Opposed to Oil Exploration
  3. Allow North Carolina to Determine Coastal Protection Policies Using Climate Change Science
  4. Don’t Allow Tropicana to Make False Claims About its Juices
  5. Urge Kroger Grocers to Support Fair Farming
  2. ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association: Make ATTA aware of the global outcry against the barbarity of the slaughter
  3. Evolve: Ban Circus Performances Using Animals
  4. Save the Sea Turtles!: Help us protest against humans causing harm to sea turtles
  5. Rayse Of Hope
  6. Protesta via mail contro il nuovo programma Archimede su Italia1 "No alla Vivisezione"
  7. Madagascar 3 with Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures: Issue a statement at the beginning of this film.
  8. Support Kenneth Webster and Bambi! Free the deer to her family!
  9. Save Max!
  10. SunSentinel and Ihosvani Rodriguez, reporter: Retract article, and a published apology
  11. Nike: Not endorse Michael Vick
  12. Pet Safety and Protection Act (S.668).: Please help stop dissection of cats and other animals in T.X. schools
  13. Rann Safaris: Put an end to the slaughter of elephants and lions for trophies
  14. Stop plans to build Fiordland Link Experience and ruin World Heritage Area
  15. Western Governors: Protect OUR Wildlands and Watersheds: Stop Tar Sands Strip Mining in Utah
  16. Stop the use of unsustainable palm oil!: Use clear labeling of the use of unsustainable palm oil in products!
  17. The Governor of CA: Allow Dogs On CA State Park Trails (US)
  18. These petitions need more signatures because
    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP)-- A Wyoming company that processes horse meat for human consumption is considering opening a plant in western Missouri after cost considerations and local opposition stalled plans for another location in the state.
    Article - New location considered for horse slaughter plant
  1. Tell Interior Secretary to Dump Pro-Wild Horse Slaughter Appointee
  2. Seeking Justice For Chubby, The Duct Taped Dog - URGENT! COURT DATE IS THIS FRIDAY JUNE 8th!!!
    RESULTS - Thank you for signing this petition.You were all awesome.we got 2,835 signs in just 2 days! Hope it helps with justice for Chubby. The court date is tomorrow 6/8/12. Will do follow up news article as soon as I know something. -- Thanx Dianne Lynn Elko. Sentencing was on 9/8/12 got 60 days jail term 3 years probation and a $1,797 fine.
  3. Stop Bullfighting Festivals in France!
  4. Save the Cats in the Roxborough Community
  6. Stop The New South Wales O'Farrell Government from Slaughtering our Natives Animals
  7. Tell Costa Rica to Stop Shark Finning
  8. City of Capitola Plastic Bag Ban
  9. Save the Cumberland darter!
  10. Save the Congo rainforests!
  11. City of Scotts Valley Plastic Bag Ban
  12. Urge the European Commission to suspend the export of animals to Turkey

  14. Free Tony the Truck Stop Tiger Now, Not Later
  1. Stop Dog Killing in Ukraine and in Baku! (UEFA European Championship and ESC)!
  2. Special courts for rhino poachers, smugglers, syndicates and kingpins
  3. NIH Working Group Meets TODAY on Use of Chimpanzees in Research
  4. Help give protection from poachers to our magnificent elephants!
  5. Cats and Dogs Are Pets, Not Food!
  6. No Punishment for Wolf Poaching?
  7. Harrods Stop Selling Puppies
  8. Ask Julia Gillard to End Barbaric Mulesing Mutilations
  9. Please Enforce the Jallikattu Ban
  10. Tell Laos to Close Down Cruel Monkey Farms!
  11. Stoppt Wildtiermisshandlungen in Russland!
    With my signature, I am sending the following e-mail to the embassies of the Russian Federation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and I support the requirements of the Government of the Russian Federation all exercise stations close to hunting!
    Exercise stations are hunting camps, where hunting dogs are trained especially for hunting bears and make them ​​sharp. Preference will be old or sick circus bears. Animal rights activists observe that such stations have risen recently.
    The animals that are brought into the Hetz-training can not defend themselves against dogs. Their teeth and horns are sawed off, the nails pulled, they always remain tied, so they offer no resistance and can not escape.
    We strongly oppose the brutal mistreatment of wild animals in hunting exercise stations in Russia. The Government of the Russian Federation must be active and close all hunting exercise stations, punish the abuse of wild animals severely!
    Animals must be able to live a life that meets their needs and their behavior without suffering and pain. The dignity and intrinsic value of a wild animal must be recognized and protected.
  12. Protect Pigs: Implement the Ban on Sow Stalls in the EU
  13. Ask the United States to propose increasing protection for Polar Bears
  14. Support Canadian Senator Mac Harb's Bill to End the Commercial Seal Slaughter
  15. The people who massacred the swan in Freyming Merlebach must be punished (confirmation needed) (you have to comment, but you can do it in English)
  16. Against carrousels with ponies during festivities (confirmation needed)
  17. Support A3431A-2011/S5167-2011Banning the Devocalization of Dogs and Cats
  18. Keep the XL Pipeline out of the Transportation Bill
  19. Please Stop Dredging the Kansas River
  20. Protect the Crystal River!
  21. Tell the BLM to Get it Right for Our Backyard Forests
  22. I Want Strong Limits on Carbon Pollution from Coal-Burning Power Plants (Docket EPA-HQ-OAR-2011-0660)
  23. Don't Leave Tigers Defenseless (US)
  24. Stop a Trojan horse from invading our Wilderness areas. (US)
  25. Support Sen. Gillibrand's healthy food amendment! (US)
  26. Clean Up Aviation Pollution - Oppose S.1956 (US)
Updated on October 7.

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