Friday, June 29, 2012

Petitions - Please S & S

  1. Vote - Do you agree with the badger cull? NO! (we are losing seriously)
  2. Mr. Prime Minister -- stop killing whales!
  3. Tony, stay strong for our seas!
  4. Justice for Titisch
    Mr. Prosecutor of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre (France)
    We, the undersigned, hereby inform you of the petition that we signed in the framework of the murder of Titisch, by an agent of communal green spaces in the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Indeed, Titisch which had been put to death by stoning for the municipal officer September 28, 2011, died October 27, 2011, the result of his injuries. This act of cruelty was committed in a premeditated, deliberate, free and extremely violent. Injuries caused, an absolute gravity, which resulted in a coma, a deep penetration of the skull, and three heavy surgery, testify to the violence of the launch, the launch distance and the large size of the stone used. And this happened because Titisch urinated in the park. (confirmation needed)
  5. 32 monkeys will be drugged to death this week in a laboratory near Lyon to examine, after death, the tissues of their bodies. (confirmation needed)
  6. For a final stop on animal sales through advertising (confirmation needed)
  7. Stop Fish Collectors from Killing Coral Reef Wildlife!
  8. Urban Decay : Please Don't Pay for Animal Tests!
  9. Tell Revlon to Come Clean About Animal Testing in China!
  10. 1 Million to Ban the Lion Trade
  11. Save the Cross River National Park in Nigeria.
  12. Support Grazing Allotment Closure for Mexican Lobos
  13. Relist wolves
  14. Navy to deafen 11,200 whales and dolphins and kill 1,600 more - Stop the killing of 1,600 whales and dolphins and the deafening of 11,200 more by ceasing the operation of the Navy's underwater sound system in the Hawaiian Islands and California coastline.
  15. Stand up for life-saving soot protections.
  16. Save the Reef
  17. Save Bella
  18. Support a NSW Animal Cruelty Register
  1. Stop Plans for a Marine Animal Park in India
  2. Ask to Church to Stop Planned Pig Abuse
  3. The Land and the People are Dying: End Oil Spill Devastation in Niger Delta Region
  4. Protect Feral Rabbits from Being Killed
  5. Demand Protection for False Killer Whales
  6. Don’t Allow Indian State’s Tourism Industry to Deplete Water Resources
  1. Max. Penalty for Animal Abuser Kevin Gdowik
  2. Let's put an end to unlicensed puppy and kitten mills today!
  3. Castigo a los torturadores del cachorro en Osorno - Chile
  5. Ayudemos a los gatos de Proyecto Gato
    Help the 500 cats we are responsible for , in addition to castrate them, they need food, veterinary expenses, medicines, etc..
  6. Governor of New York and Officials: Stop all carriage rides in New York
  7. President Obama & The United States Congress and Senate: Remove the fate of our wildlife from the murdering hands of the BLM
  8. Rowan County Animal Control Shelter: Ban Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Shelter Pets in Rowan County, NC
  9. Public Sanity and Tourism Department of the Dominican Republic: Act against massive dogs poisoning on touristic beaches ordered by hotels
  10. Por el fin de los espectáculos con cetáceos en los delfinarios
    (Stop the the circus with animals in delphinariums)
  11. The White House: Legalize Hemp
  12. Indonesian President: Immediately halt all the destruction of Tripa. Enforce Indonesian law.
    Horrifying Scenes of Feeding a Live Donkey to Caged Lions [18+]
  2. A second chance is the only chance for Caboodle Cats
  3. Bear Dancing Is Cruel, Not Cute!
  4. Bear caged alone in Saudi Arabian pet shop for five years
  5. Do not torture puppies
  7. Stop killing lions in Kenya
  8. Pet Project in desperate need of homes for dogs and cats in Kansas City
  9. Brazilian president to veto 'catastrophic' forest code
  10. Starved puppy clinging to life discovered in Louisiana
  11. Hydro One Goes On A power Trip

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