Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign and Share

  1. Vote - Should force feeding be banned? YES
  2. Caboodle Rach loosed because of PETA
    Based on PETA's evidence, officials seized Caboodle's animals. Now, after three days of hearing evidence in the case, Judge Greg Parker of Florida's Third Judicial Circuit, has ordered that all the animals be kept safely away from Caboodle for good!
    Judge Parker ruled that the evidence indicated "clearly and convincingly" that the animals were not receiving proper care and concluded that Caboodle "is not able and fit to have custody of the animals." These cats will finally have the chance to find happiness with responsible families who will give them all the love, attention, and catnip that they deserve.
    Just as importantly, Judge Parker ruled that Caboodle cannot possess or take custody of any live animals! By effectively shutting Caboodle down, the ruling spares thousands of cats from the misery of being shipped across the country, abandoned in hellish conditions, and left to die slowly of disease and neglect.
    Save The Caboodle Ranch, Inc: We want Judge Parker to overturn his ruling against the Caboodle Ranch.
    In the past there has been an similar petition on change.org. Many people say Caboodle Ranch is doing good things.
  3. Please Stop Plans to Imprison Dolphins
  4. Hold Zoo Responsible for Animals Killed in Flood
  5. Protect Atlantic Fish from Overharvesting
  6. Demand that Congress Stop Passing Anti-Environmental Legislation
  7. Stop the death sentence of Border Collie Casey, the horses Saar and Noortje
  8. Florida, Close Bestiality Loophole!
  1. Neuter feral cats at Turtle Bay Resort!
  2. Help Stop Horse Soring
  3. Meat Sales in Public School Menus of Colorado on Monday's: Ban the sales of meat in Colorado public schools on Mondays
  4. Let's Change CFE'S regulation on Factory Farming
  5. man burn sheeps !
    For More information: Google translate of the page shown in petition
  6. Grand Forks City Ordinance: A Pet Friendlier Grand Forks
  7. Siamese Cat and Early Death
  8. Save animals in Surabaya zoo
  9. Pound "laws"
  10. Wometco Enterprises Inc.: Retire the oldest captive Killer Whale, Lolita!
  12. Victorian Government: Protect the Penguins on Phillp Island
  13. Peace girls: Stop testing on animals
  14. Petland Discounts, NY: Stop selling rabbits for Easter
  15. ESDAW: We call for Spain - to modernize the country's animal protection laws.
  16. Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain: Free Morgan the imprisoned Orca
  17. गौरैया बचाओ
    Protecting insect habitats on farms and planting native plants in cities benefit the House Sparrow, as does establishing urban green spaces. To raise awareness of threats to the House Sparrow, World Sparrow Day has been celebrated on 20 March across the world since 2010.
  18. Massachusetts State Representative James J. Lyons Jr.: Outlaw Puppy Mills in Massachusetts
  19. Secretary of the Interior: Stop issuing permits to kill bald eagles
  20. Save the Barred Owl
  21. Open letter to Maya Princess of Hohenzollern.
  22. McClouds Pet Emporium: Stop selling puppies
  23. Ask Toyota Canada to stop promoting abuse of animals!: Stop the Calgary Stampede give away
  24. The President of the United States: Stop farm animal cruelty (US)
  25. The President of the United States: stop the killing of pit bulls start a law to protect pit bulls (US)

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