Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Care2.com and Change.org petitions

  1. Illegal Mass culling of dogs in Jammu and Kashmir (India)
  2. Animal Cruelty in Cyprus
  3. Petition to Adidas: Stop using kangaroo leather
  4. Stop San Francisco From Using Puppies
  5. LA County, Crack Down on Inhumane Makeshift Stables
  6. Don't Kill Pig for Religion!
  7. Helping the Polar Bears
  8. Say NO to reopening Wathamstow Greyhound Stadium
  9. Animals Are Not Art
  10. Cans Are Not For Killing Animals
  11. New Home For Former Lab. Monkeys
  12. Helping New Zealand Say No To Deep Sea Drilling
  13. Animal Welfare in Long Beach, California
  14. Help This Site Meet Its Quota
  15. Justice For Belinda-PLEASE SIGN & SHARE!
  16. Letter to Ambassador of India in SPAIN for the conservation and respect for the river Ganges
  17. Take action to save the coral reefs of Antigua and Barbuda
  18. Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  19. Stop East-West Corridor through Maine
  20. Tell NC Governor Perdue to Veto the Fracking Bill
  21. Urge Your Senators to Co-Sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act
  22. Save a joey from cruelty
  23. Save a joey from cruelty (2nd petition)
  24. Caribou and You
  25. Stop Horse Slaughter Factory in Missouri
  26. German Shepherd BRIDGES rescued to be shot Days later by a Boarding facility owner!
  27. Ask Peru to Stop Culling Bats
  28. BLM, Don't Stampede Foals and Pregnant Mares
  29.   Join the Fight to Save Rhinos from Poaching
  30. Stop the illegal and inhumane killing of stray dogs and cats in the Ukraine!!!
  31. Say No to Meat at Yoga Festivals
  32. Boycott Spain as a holiday destination
  34. Keeping Shell Oil Out Of The Arctic
  35. Primorsky Region needs a shelter with facilities to sterilize abandoned cats and dogs.
  36. Mozambique Harbors ill intent
  37. Stop Plans for Crocodile Trophy Hunt
  38. Save Huera, the blood donor dog--PLEASE SIGN & SHARE!
  39. Close Tiger Farms in China
  40. No Elephant Bullhooks in Atlanta, Georgia
  41. Stop the massive cuts to the budget
  1. Gotta free Gotti
  2. West and Central African Government: BAN The Illegal Trade and Cruel Nest Poaching of African Grey Parrots
  3. The Idaho State Senate: Ban the possession, distribution and sale of shark fins.
  4. V.Yanukovych, Presid. of Ukraine,11, Bankovastr., Kyiv–220, Ukraine, 01220: Allow people keeping dogs in their rented flats and and care for them.
  5. Ministry of Environment & Forests / President: Stop the killings of Elephants & Wild Cats
  6. The President of The United States: We Demand That Animal Breeding Be Licensed and Any Animal Abuse be a Felony
  7. Ministre de la justice: Militons pour l'interdiction de la vente de fourrure animale (For a ban on the sale of fur)
  8. Global Press Contact for Whole Foods: Boycott Canadian Seafood Until the Canadian Coast Guard Stops Killing Seals
  9. NYC Council: Stop Horse Carriage
  10. Feroe Island Denmark Slaughter: Stop this!!: Stop the killing of innocent dolphins!!
  11. Kingston City Council: Prevent the 72-hour pound seizure
  12. Prime Minister Hon. Baldwin Spencer: Take action now to save Antigua & Barbuda's coral reefs
  13. Santa Cruz Sheriffs Dept: Make it mandatory for Animal Control to be present at Police raids
  14. To the Indonesian embassy in Washington DC: Close Down Indonesian Dolphin Traveling Circus
  15. Ban the slaughtering of Bull's and Horse's in Picador Matador Sport!
  16. Japanese Embassy: Stop the Cetaceans hunting!!
  17. Bedford County: Arrest a serial cat killer
  18. City of Liberty, Missouri Council Member: Please change your ordinance to allow for feral cat colony caretakers
  19. Philippe Houze, Monoprix CEO: Stop selling battery eggs at Monoprix!
  20. @DefraGovUK Stop the multiple hot branding of Equines in England and Wales
  21. Atlanta, GA City Council: Stop the abuse of elephants in Atlanta
  22. Stop The Official Delisting Of Wolves From Endagered Species List
  24. Greg Selinger: Save Bear Cub Makoon
  25. Humane Society of Rochester, New York: Remove Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn from your Board!
  26. Representative Sue Wallis of WY to be removed from facebook and her office! Humane treatment of animals around the world starts here!
  27. Jeff Dailey CEO Farmers Group Inc: pull your miilions of dollars in funding from the March of Dimes.
  28. Stop the Annual Slaughter of Dolphins
  29. Sue Wallis: Stop slaughtering horses. Say no to a slaughter house in Missouri.
  30. Wells Fargo and Bank of America: 48 abused horses and non-profit financially devastated by lies/deception
  31. Germantown Tennessee Charity Horse Show: Ban Walking Horse Categories
  32. Occupy Rio 20 Global Revolution 2012 /20-22 June 2012 -Environmental - Solidarity - No War- Animal Rights
  33. Tell McCloud's no more Puppies! Support shelter dogs!
  34. Pets at Home: Stop selling starter hutches and sell a hutch for life.
  35. Congress make a mandatory National Animal Abuser Registry
  36. Michigan Humane Society (MHS) Board of Directors: Call for the resignations of Mr. Cal Morgan and Mr. David Williams.
  37. United Nations: Intervene in the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
  39. Cargill: Time to Sell, Don't Pave the Bay
  40. Park and Recreation Director of Capital/Planning Divisions: Stop the removal of Lafayette Park old-growth trees.
  41. Don't Be A Bull-y (US)
  42. Jonah's Law (US)
  44. Help Stop SkiLink, Oppose H.R. 3452 and S.1883 (US)
  45. The President of the United States: Stop the slaughtering of horses for meat and import/export of such meat (US)
  46. The U.S. Senate: Add bitterant in the production of antifreeze in all 50 US states (US)

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