Thursday, June 21, 2012


  1. Protect the Arctic
  2. Justice for Tango and Cash (confirmation needed)
  3. URGENT: Tell Air France to stop the cargo of monkeys to laboratories of the U.S.
  4. Call On Uniqlo to Ditch Wool From Mutilated Lambs
  5. Protect big cats from cruelty - Please Cosponsor H.R. 4122
  6. Stop long animal transports
  7. Protect Animals from Extreme Cruelty
  8. Tell Brazil Rio+20 Host: The "Future We Want" Not 60 Amazon Rainforest Destroying Dams
  9. Urgent Farm Bill Amendment on Labeling of GE Foods (US)
  1. Don’t Euthanize Family Dog for Looking Like a Pit Bull
    (personal remark : even if she were a pit-bull, she doesn’t deserve to be killed)
  2. Applaud Australia for Creating the World’s Largest Marine Reserve
  3. Stop El Al Airlines from Shipping Monkeys for Cruel Laboratory Experiments
  4. Support Better Living Conditions for Egg-Producing Hens
  5. Urge Urban Decay Cosmetics to Remain a Cruelty-Free Company
  6. World Leaders Must Reduce Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  1. Standardize Military Pet Policies (to sign or not???)
  3. Colorado Government: Allow rehab of deer injured by wildfires.
  4. Concern Animal Heart Ltd: 抵制中國狗肉節Boycott of dog meat a festival in China.
  5. facebook: Ask Ellen Denegres to feature "We Love Tony" 
  6. NSW and Commonwealth Governments: Legislate to Protect Koala habitat in Coffs Harbour and Bellingen
  7. The Korean Ambassador to the U.S. (AND) the Prime Minister of South Korea: Protect the Dogs, Cats of South Korea By Animal Protection Laws
  8. Taiji Mayor: Stop killing dolphins
  9. Subway: use cage-free eggs and free-range chicken meat
  10. EBAY: Stop the sale of real fur
  11. Justice for Spade and Sobe
  12. State of Texas: take the term "vicious breed" away from "pit bull" breeds
  13. USA Animal Control: Stop killing homeless cats!! Use TNR method instead (Trap-Neuter-Return)!!!
  14. People who want justice for abused animals.: Find and arrest the people suspected of tying explosives to a dog
  15. The Governor of NY: Make animal cruelty a more punishable crime (US)
  16. Fukushima is Far From Over (US)
  17. United States Senate: Block Passage of the Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012
  1. Save Monkeys With Paper Planes!
  2. Update: Officials Postpone Barbaric Hunt--Your Voice Still Needed!
  3. Take down the video of Shanthi the elephant performing tricks and playing the harmonica.
  4. Save the Pitbulls
  5. Don't Euthanize Family Dog for Looking Like a Pit Bull
    (personal remark : even if they  were pit-bulls, they don’t deserve to be killed)
  6. Spay/Neuter Stray Dogs in Romania
  7. Save the Sharks
  8. Help End Bear Farming In China
  9. Offer Whales Sanctuary from Slaughter
  10. Shouka, the Killer Whale, Needs a Companion
  11. Save The Whales There's An App For That
  12. Saving the Elephants of East-Central India
  13. USDA Prohibit the Use of Sodium Cyanide and Compound 1080
  14. Say No To Swamp People
  15. Protect Tiny Fish, Support Sustainable Oceans!
  16. Investigate Cruel and Unlawful Pigeon Races!
  17. Save the hyena!
    (there is no concrete target, but I post this petitions because of the law number of hyenas left)
  18. Join the Watch: Sign for the Protection of Antarctic Oceans!
  19. Colorado Roadless Forest Again Threatened By Bulldozers, Coal Mine
  20. Information Around The BP Gulf Disaster
  21. Save the Delaware From Dirty Transmission Lines
  22. EPA, Stop DOW's 2,4-D in its Tracks!

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