Friday, June 15, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign And Share

  1. We need your help in encouraging United Airlines to say NO to transporting animals for research!
  2. Help for the stray dogs of Kharkov
    The planned signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and FOUR PAWS has burst in the last minute. Reason: The authorities in Kharkov would amend key points of the contract. We urge the city of Kharkov to accept our conditions for the Stray Animal Care project, and launching a massive protest action: we can all send a protest email to the Ukrainian authorities in order to convince Kharkiv to give green light to the project and to stop dog killings. FOUR PAWS has already successfully implemented the project in other Ukrainian cities.
  3. Ask Denmark to join the rest of the EU and oppose all commercial whaling at the IWC
  4. Urgent: Stop Airline From Taking 40 Monkeys to Cruel Lab!
  5. Urge PETCO to Stop Selling Wild-Caught Animals
  6. Call On UNIQLO to Ditch Wool From Mutilated Lambs
  7. Ban fur farming in Ireland
  8. Join HSUS in asking Macy's to phase out fur
  9. This group wants to create a draft SPA in Kosovo. (confirmation needed)
  10. Ban boxes of gestation for sows: no delay (confirmation needed)
  11. Petition against violence in dog training - Petition for Sabine Koch
    The Viennese Animal Protection Society (WTV) has been ​​over the last few years at the forefront of non-violence, motivation-oriented dog training. Violence against dogs or animals in general has no place in the WTV! Sabine Koch's dog trainer in cooperation with many dedicated nurses guarantee that this successful path taken is also continued reliable. Especially the dogs with broken souls, the sad and often the violent caused by false education are close to her heart. Their numerous, motivated by positive, reward-oriented, pressure, anxiety and pain-free training developed their successes speak. By patient, continuous work Sabine Koch could give many quadrupeds back confidence in people. Some dogs have learned the first time they know what it means to see people as friends and not just as a command unit. We do not want this valuable work is done by some very loud and verbally aggressive people acting in the immediate vicinity of the WTV. Untrue rumors are bubbling , bullying is increasing. These people with their questionable training methods are about the most pressing for violence occurring WTV employee of the association. This must be prevented! The signatories and signatories urge the board of the Viennese animal protection organization to put hereby decisive action against this harassment.Sabine Koch must stay! Construction and confirmation of the reward-based training in the interest of our dogs!
  12. For target-oriented training dogs in animal shelters (the same method as above to be used in animal shelters)
  13. Re-list Wolves
  14. Giving caribou a better chance means protecting more of their habitat.
  15. Say NO to legalized trade in rhino
  16. Please sign our petition urging governments to demonstrate their commitment to protecting animals from cruelty by signing on to the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) at the United Nations.
  17. Ontario's most threatened species are being left out on a limb. Send a message to Premier Dalton McGuinty today.
  18. Tell the Senate to Label GMOs, support organics
  19. Stop the growing influence of big corporations and business lobby groups within the UN
  20. Pledge to do your part to help us bounce back from climate change's point of no return!
  21. H.R. 4089: Poor Environmental Sportsmanship!
  22. Support Language Defunding Federal Inspection of Horse Meat and Horses for Slaughter (US)
  23. Co-Sponsor Legislation to Designate Bison the U.S. National Mammal (US)
  24. Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider (US)
  1. Don’t Allow Dam Project to Destroy Thailand Forest Ecosystem
  2. Airlines Must Take Air Pollution Seriously
  3. Protest the Poisoning of Birds in Nevada Neighborhood
  4. Tell UNIQLO to Stop Buying Wool From Mutilated Sheep
  5. Promote Environmental Health: Restore Funding For Canadian Experimental Lakes Area
  2. Salvar a Lennox.
  3. Belfast City Council: Allow Lennox To Be Evaluated By A Veterinarian Out Of Your Jurisdiction
  4. Animal Welfare needs attention in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  5. Westchester County Executive: End deer hunting in Westchester County Parks and Preserves
  6. City of Liberty, Missouri Council Member: Please change your ordinance to allow for feral cat colony caretakers
  8. Mayor Conchagua, La Union: Stop the killing of animals living on the street.
  9. Ban 1080
  10. MN state representatives and officials.: Ban plastic bags
  11. City of Tucson: Make Tucson a plastic bag-free city
  12. Tree Preservation in Mount Vernon, NY
  1. No Permits to Shoot Sea Lions
  2. Help to feed abandoned cats!
  3. Animal torture
  4. Punish Jamie Labbe to the fullest extent of the law for the heinous torture of Two German Shepherds
  5. Stop Summer Horse Round-up
  6. Ohio: Make Animal Cruelty a Felony!
  7. Caribou and You
  8. Save Canada's Endangered Species!
  9. Dare to Be Deep
  10. Tell Your Senators to Support Clean Transportation Options, Not Big Polluter Priorities!
  11. Stop the Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline in Canada!

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