Thursday, June 28, 2012

Petitions - Please S & S

  1. Protect Our Water From Diesel
  2. Please Help Put an End to Animal Homelessness in 2012 (US) (this is very hypocrite , who says it!!!)
  3. Subject: Don't let the TPP become an Internet trap
  4. Take Action: Support Overdraft Fee Reform
  5. Stop Killing Animals in Cruel Military Training Exercises
  6. Protect Koalas, Pika, and Lynx from Climate Change (US)
  1. Hold Zoo Responsible for Animals Killed in Flood
  2. Ask California Laboratory to Stop Cruelly Poisoning Ground Squirrels
  3. Relocate Severely Confined Lion to Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Livestock Die From Cyanide-Producing Genetically Modified Grass
  5. Ban the Import of Puppies from Korean Puppy Mills
  6. Demand Tougher Air Pollution Restrictions for Louisiana Industrial Plant
  7. Stop Industrial Expansion into Australia’s Protected Barrier Reef Port
  8. Don’t Let Congress Change the Definition of ‘Clean Air’
  1. Daniel's Law - Senate Bill 1329
  2. Government of India; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Law & Justice: Strongest possible laws against wildlife traffickers, traders and poachers
  3. Help end the legal cruelty to animals
  4. Urgent! Take Action to Save Lonely, Miserable Elephant
  5. Help Protect Delicate Dwarf Seahorses
  6. Jamba Juice: Stop using styrofoam cups.
  7. Skanska USA Commercial Development (CDUS): Cease motion to drain and fill Lake Thicket.
  8. Tim Hortons: Recycle the Rim - Let us recycle our cups in all of your restaurants
  9. Bring Diego home (US)
  1. End Michigan's Mute Swan Killing Policy!
  2. Stop the Belo Monte Dam
  3. Create 12 New Marine Protected Areas throughout Canada
  4. Urge Costco to say no to dirty gold
  5. Save the Gulf from Drilling
  6. Save our trees!

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