Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10 petitions and more

  1. Demand animals not be treated as 'waste products'
  2. Help Save The Taiji Dolphins
  3. EPA: Limit Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Future Power Plants
  4. Defend the Last 1300 Hawaiian Monk Seals
  5. Россия: нет жестокому обращению с бездомными животными!
    Russia: Stop the abuse of homeless animals!
  6. No permitamos que la leona Nala regrese al circo. No permitamos que vuelva a ser maltratada. - Do not allow Nala, the lioness to go back to the circus.
  7. STOP VIVISECTION! (EU citizens only) Just 21 days left, app. 834.400 signatures gathered but it needs to reach 1.000.000! Companies are FORCED to use animals for unnecessary, worthless testing, most of them don't want to! So let's change this cruel, backward Law on animal testing! Please click on 'Sign online' and start! Thank you!!!
  8. ORPAK Azil za napustene zivotinje u Krusevcu
    Orpak, Serbia, needs a new no-kill shelter!
    Scroll down please, confirmation needed
  9. Boerderijen, geen veefabrieken!
    Belgium: No more farm factories. (confirmation needed)
  10. Stop Torturing Greyhounds (Galgos) in Spain!
  11. Bill Maher Calls Out UW-Madison's Cruel Experiments on Cats—Literally
  12. Compassion for Pigs in Europe!
  13. Tell Boris the world’s wildlife needs his help (UK)
    The London Assembly has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to secure the future of the Met's specialist Wildlife Crime Unit. Add your name to our petition now to help convince Boris not to let this important unit go extinct.
  14. Don't let the shutdown and sequester hurt our wild lands! (US) (confirmation needed)
  1. Contre l'expulsion des chats du Goulet. Situation extrêmement urgente!
    Stop the expulsion of the cats!
  2. Non à la chasse aux baleines! - NO to Whaling!
  3. Protégeons les ours, luttons contre le braconnage.
    Protect the bears against poaching!
  4. Non à la création d'un abattoir provisoire halal
    No to creating a Halal slaughterhouse!
  5. Pour la création d'une fourrière digne et d'un refuge à Brest
    For the creation of a pound and a worthy refuge in Brest
  6. Pétition contre l’exploitation et la maltraitance des animaux domestiques sur la voie
    Petition against the exploitation and abuse of domestic animals on the road
  1. Protect Animals from Cruel Laboratory Testing
  2. Ban Cruel and Dangerous Horse Racing in Ireland
  3. Thank Shoe Company for Apologizing for Dead Dog Advertisement
  4. Commend Indonesia for Deal to End Illegal Logging
  5. Stop Drilling and Logging on Federal Lands While the Public is Kept Out
  6. Don’t Allow Hydraulic Fracking in California
  7. Commend McDonald’s for Ditching Foam Cups
  1. Animal crush Videos verbieten: Bitte verbieten Sie diese grausamen, perversen Videos mit harter Strafandrohung - Ban animal crush videos!
  2. East Riding Planning Committee: Save beagles from new plans to expand laboratory breeding farm in Yorkshire
  3. Gobierno de las Provincias de Rio Negro y Neuquen: Que se prohiban las Carreras de Galgos en Rio Negro y Neuquen
    Government of the provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro: Ban greyhound racing
  4. The California Rehabilitation Center in Norco: Prison to Not Be Allowed to Rid Grounds of Feral Cats --> Callathon CRC Norco prison cats! Call please!
  5. Protect elephant, tiger and orangutan habitats in Sumatra
  6. Stop aux actes de cruauté envers les animaux de la ferme de Padula, à Porto-Vecchio. - Stop the cruelty to the animals of the farm Padula, Porto-Vecchio, France
  7. Exmo. Procurador Geral de Justiça: crie as Promotorias de Defesa Animal
    Brazil, Hon. Attorney General: Create a bill aimed at creating prosecutors animal defense, specialized in the protection of wild animals, domestic or domesticated, native or exotic!
  8. Prefeito da Cidade de Conceição do Castelo - Francisco Saulo Belisário: Abrigo para cães abandonados de Conceição do Castelo
    Brazil, Castelo: Create a shelter for abandoned dogs giving them a chance to be adopted by responsible people!
  9. Steven Harper: Expand Ottawa's Animal Shelters... Stop Shutting Out Those Who Desperately Need In!
  10. Petition gegen die Vergasung von Hunden und Katzen in North-Carolina
    Petition against the gassing of dogs and cats in North Carolina
  11. Government officials from Canada, United States & Australia: Stop Japan From Killing Our Oceans!
  12. NOAA Fisheries, NMFS: Please uphold your decision; Permit to import 18 Belugas is denied!
  13. US Federal Government: Provide $100,00 Funding for "Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary" in Georgia,USA
  1. U.S. Against Horse Slaughter 2 Boycott
  2. Monmoth: No killing of lost/abandoned animals upon their arrival!
News and Polls
  1. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? Vote NU/ NO please! Vote every day!  
  2. More Stupidity From The Fringe..  US, the Gray Wolf
  3. Animal-Rights Advocates Notch Another Victory in China
  4. Muslims, Please Spare the Animals This Eid
  5. Beit She’an slaughterhouse workers indicted for animal cruelty
  6. Website: Farm Animal Rights Movement
  7. Gavin Parsons | Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Gavin Parsons donated his expert legal assistance on ALDF’s landmark lawsuit that freed Ben the Bear from a shameful North Carolina roadside zoo.
  8. Minnesota mink release claimed by lone activist
  9. Help feed Cairo cats (Egypt) Donation project
  10. Stand With the Last Wild Orangutans
    Submit your Photo --> The Power Is In Your Palm
  11. K-9 Angels - Romanian Shelter Appeal
    A wish to come true for the Romanian dogs. An update
  12. Activist Spotlight: Du YuFeng, Fighting the Dog Meat Trade

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