Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29 petitions and more

  1. Save the Elephant from Extinction: Ban All Trade In Ivory Now
  2. Protest please! Romania, an EU Country... Atrocities unpunished
  3. Netherlands, Erasmus Medical Center: STOP experiments on monkeys
  4. Help millions of pigs in EU, sign the petition!
  5. Stop the Senseless Killing of Mute Swans Around JFK Airport, NY
  6. Napthine, Stand up to coke
  1. Prevent Death Of The Dead Sea
  2. Save Cougars in New Mexico
  3. Stop Hunting Club From Killing Endangered Black Rhino
  4. Commend Chihuahua’s Fight Against Animal Hoarding
  5. Stop Cruel and Fruitless Experiments on Animals
  6. Stop Discrimination Against Specific Dog Breeds
  7. Protect Pets from Contaminated Food
  8. Save Collapsing Bee Populations
  9. Protect Agricultural Land from Oil Spills
  1. Canadian Government: Ban the Production of Eggs in Battery Cages
  2. Protect Spanish hunting dogs: Get a federal law that will protect them from cruelty (target?!)
  3. Canada support for destructive mining in Romania? Not in my name!
  4. SeaWorld, Inc.: Humanely release the Orca whale known as Tilikum to a seapen for rehab
  5. Nigeria: We Say NO To A New Dog meat market in Jos!
  6. Politia Romana: Cerem arestarea lui Puya pentru instigare publica la ucidere
    Romanian Police: We demand the arrest of Puya for public instigation to murder
  7. Punish RADU BANCIU, from B1TV for instigation to crimes towards animals, at the full extend of the law (Codul Penal art.324)
  8. Président de l'UE, Secrétaire et Députés européens: Exclude Romania from EU
  9. Mass-media TREBUIE sa plateasca pentru instigare la violenta si crima
    Media must pay for the instigation to violence and crime
  10. Romanian Police MUST find the these criminals and PUNISH THEM
  1. Stop the World's Largest Animal Sacrifice in Nepal
  2. Save Orangutans from Barbaric Cruelty and Abuse
  3. End Donkey Basketball & Close Company Websites
  4. No more orcas in captivity
  5. Demand an apology from the Catholic Church for killing millions of cats during the witch-hunt
  6. Stand against pet euthanasia
  7. Give TILIKUM a Voice!
  8. Urgent: Last Chance to Protect America's Wolves
  9. Save the Last Intact Habitat for Tigers in Thailand
  10. Say NO to Chinese Greyhound Racing Stadiums
  11. Demand an End to the Dog Fighting Now! (target?!)
  12. Against horrific atrocities committed towards animals
  13. Petition for dogs of Romania
  14. Demand shade for all animals
  15. Give Pendleton County an Animal Shelter!
  16. Sign Up for 2014 National Anti Gas Chamber and Anti Heart Stick Event ...
  17. Push for a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Massachusetts
News and Polls
  1. Hunters' Association: Exterminate the Wolf from Sweden
    Should the wolf stay in Sweden? Vote Yes/JA
  2. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? Vote NU/ NO please!
  3. Moet onverdoofd slachten omwille van religieuze redenen verboden worden?
    Belgium: Vote YES/JA for a BAN on religious slaughter without stunning!
  4. Vote for one of the five finalists for the October 2013 Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant - Please vote for American Humane Association to get $5000.00US grant.
  5. Dog Meat – Does China Want to Export it to the US?
  6. State park will no longer allow trapper to catch wild monkeys for labs
    Please send a quick note to the Florida Park Service to thank them for their compassionate decision. Florida State Parks | Feedback Form
    Regarding : Silver Spring State Park

    To whom it concerns,
    I'm applauding the decision by the Florida Park Service to no longer allow a trapper to remove wild monkeys from Silver Springs State Park for sale to laboratories!
    Thank you for your compassionate decision.
  7. Sorry, But Wolf Slaughter Is Not American by James William Gibson
  8. Tötung der Straßenhunde in Rumänien
    Slaughter of street dogs in Romania (use translator please)
  9. Карельские зоозащитники высказались в поддержку скорейшего подписания нового закона о животных - Russia, Karelia: Animal right activist expressed support for the early signing of an Animal Welfare Law
  10. Largest mink farm in the country is currently on fire
  11. Can Saving Snow Leopards Quench People's Thirst?
    In other words: Where in the high mountains of central Asia can we simultaneously maximize conservation of snow leopard habitat and secure water for human use downstream, now and under future climate conditions?
  12. When This Kitty Plays He Does Something Ridiculously Cute

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