Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 7 petitions and more

  1. Ban Cyanide Mining in Romania and the EU
  2. Tell Congress: Keystone XL and the debt limit don’t mix! (US)
  3. Ask Christy Clark to stand against oil pipelines and tankers through B.C.
  4. Bosnian Government: Protect the stray dogs instead of killing them
  5. ORPAK Azil za napustene zivotinje u Krusevcu
    Serbia, Orpak animals are without shelter! Build a No-kill Shelter!
    Scroll down to sign! Confirmation needed!
  6. Close down concentration camp Pozega, Serbia
  7. Evere - CONTRE décision de ne plus nourrir les chats errants
    AGAINST the BAN on feeding of stray cats!
    Confirmation needed, second link in the mail
  8. Speak Up For Nature (US)
    Read more about the issues you care about and then Use Your Outside Voice to call your Congressman, write to your Senator or attend a town hall meeting. (Issues with more info on them are listed)
  1. Demand Conviction of Poachers Who Poisoned Over 100 Elephants
  2. Stop Stray Dog Cull
  1. To Attorney General of Russian Federation Chaika Yurii Yakovlevich: Help To Save Dogs From Barbaric Vivisection
  2. Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church: Protect your children and re-appraise your support of the new 'Slaughter Law' which exposes them to abuse and violence
  3. European Institutions: Where is the elusive face of accountability and response within the spider's web of European bureaucracy?
  4. The European Union MUST - according to its own constitution - intervene in Romania!
  5. Stop the use of Gas Chambers to kill animals in Medina County, OH
  6. Istanbulun bütün mahallelerinde, evli kedi parklari soğuklar gelmeden önce yapilmasinin talebi ile!!! @rt_erdogan - Turkey, we demand better care for cats before the cold weather! (scroll down for complete translation)
  7. Greece Exposed M. Rogers: Stop spitting dirt on animal welfare projects and stealing money from them
  8. An den Bundestag der Bundesrepublik Deutschland : Verschärfung des Tierschutzgesetz - Germany: Intensification of the Animal Protection Act
  9. Dringend: Stoppt den massenhaften Vogelmord in Ägypten!
    Urgent: Stop the mass bird death in Egypt!
  10. TUI, Thomas Cook, Neckermann & Öger Tours: Stoppt den massenhaften Vogelmord in Ägypten! - TUI, Thomas Cook, Neckermann & Oger Tours: Stop the mass bird death in Egypt!
  11. Bayerischer Ministerpräsident Horst Seehofer: Abschaffung der Rasseliste für Hunde mit gesteigerter Aggressivität und Gefährlichkeit - Germany, Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer: No to the BSL list
  1. Maryland citizens against BSL Law: No BSL on insurance premiums!
  2. Urge Middletown to Review Measly $25 Fine for Serious Animal Abuse
  3. Demand Hilton Hotels Stop Exploiting Dolphins
  4. Urge Punishment for Teen That Kills Kittens out of Boredom and Post on Face book 
News and Polls
  1. FB event: Urgent, Bistrita, Romania!
  2. Serbia | ORPAK animals without shelter. Please help!
  3. Seal and sealing-related issues and articles
  4. Australian Welfare Group Outraged By PM's Live Export Comment
  5. Arrest made in the case of severely burned dog Zeus (Photos)
  6. Wolf Wars Part 1000… | Howling For Justice (Infographic)
  7. Soi Dog Foundation - Sponsor A Dog Today (Thailand)
  8. India: Mission Rabies vaccinates over 60,000 dogs in less than a month!
  9. День защиты животных прошел в Москве
    Animal Protection Day was held in Moscow, Russia
  10. Help Create An ARSofia Shelter
    Bulgaria, support them please, they have to relocate!
  11. Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) Dogs available for adoption
  12. Dogs Copy Human Behavior – And Remember It

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