Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3 petitions and more

  1. Protect baby tigers, lions and other wild animals
  2. Call on President Basescu to Stop the Law
  3. Stop the Massacre of Romania's Stray Dogs
  4. Boycott the request of Romania to enter in Schengen until it will solve in civilized mode the problem of strays
  5. Save Zimbabwe National Parks Ranger Maxwell Bowa from being hanged for killing a poacher.
  6. Please support Save Our Monkeys at this critical time
    Scroll down to take actions (2 petitions)
  7. Don't Destroy Pagan Island (US)
  8. Take a Stand for Indigenous Rights and Territories in Brazil!
  9. Romania, Carmen Arsene: send your protest letter please!
    Please send your protest mail on the given email addresses.
  1. Thank Zoo For Surrendering Big Cats to Sanctuary
  2. Commend Prince William for Conservation Efforts
  3. Stop Plastic Straw Waste at Chain Restaurants
  4. Forbid Cruel Peruvian Cat Sacrifice
  5. Applaud West Hollywood For Banning Fur Sales
  6. Stop the Sale of Live Crabs in Chinese Vending Machines
  7. Stop Mine Expansion from Fueling Air Pollution and Climate Change
  8. Celebrate Filmmaker for Moving Documentary on Ocean Pollution
  9. Commend Activist Group for Rallying Against Tar Sands
  10. Demand NBC Sports Cancel Cruel Big Game Hunting Show
    NBC cancelled this show... ?!
  1. Congress: Give a tax credit to people who adopt animals from shelters
  2. EU: Stop dog massacre in Romania!
  3. Costa Rica Dice No Al Torneo Del Toro De La Vega
    Costa Rica says NO! to the Toro de la Vega!
  4. Arrêté le toro de fuego qui est légal dans la France! Maltraitance, Torture, Massacre et souffrance! - Abuse, torture, massacre and suffering! Make the Toro de Fuego illegal in France!
  5. Asan, S. Korea! Shut down the illegal hell hole dog farm and slaughterhouse in Tangjeong-myun now!
  6. Justice for Gilyongee! South Korea, Strengthen Animal Protection Act and Ban Dog and Cat Consumption!
  7. Pour l'abolition de la chasse à courre en France!
    For the abolition of hunting with hounds in France!
  8. René Castro Salazar Ministro de Medio Ambiente de Costa Rica: Que No Permitan La Impunidad Y Se Aborde El Saqueo De Huevos De Tortugas
    René Castro Salazar, Minister of Environment of Costa Rica: Protect the Defenders of Sea Turtles
  9. STOP ANIMAL ABUSE! The Netherlands
    Target: Political Party PvdD, TV media/Radio
  1. More Protection for Critically Endangered Amur Leopards
  2. Fight Back Against Climate-Destroying Carbon Pollution
  3. Shut Down the "Sanctuary of Sorrow" Olympic Animal Sanctuary
News and Polls
  1. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? Vote NU/ NO please! Vote every day!
  2. Nine Baboons Leave Lab to Enjoy Freedom in Sanctuary
  3. Roumanie : Non à l'euthanasie des chiens errants
    Brigitte Bardot with Pamela Anderson against dog massacre
    petition: Massacre de chiens en Roumanie (confirmation needed)
  4. Streunerhunde wie Emma brauchen unsere Hilfe!
    Romanian Shelter Speranta in Bucharest needs support as well!
    (use translator please)
  5. Victories for the Animals!
    10 victories achieved by signing the petitions!
  6. Popcorn Activism - A Fun Way to Help Animals!
  7. Hero Pit Bull Terrier Saved Family From A Fire. Now Strangers Are Rallying To Save Him
  8. 10 Compelling Reasons To Add A Shelter Dog To Your Life

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