Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9 petitions and more

  1. Tell Coles to can the cage!
  2. Justicia para Kila y Lola, las dos chihuahua torturadas en Barcelona
  3. Join Lea Michele in the Fight Against Horse Carriages!
  4. US Wolves deliberately being driven to extinction - Comment now to save them (Photos)
  6. Tell Tampa Bay Rays to Make This the Last Season of Suffering for Stingrays!
  7. Ban on animals in Indian circuses
  8. Help the Romanian stray dogs!
  9. STOP Proposal to Expand Hunting in Wildlife Refuges!
  10. Tell the EPA to protect our waterways (US)
  11. Stop the Indiscriminate Slaughter of Wildlife
  12. Help Polar Bears Win Against Big Polluters
  13. "White Gold" or "Bloody Teeth"?
  14. Tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell: Put a Stop to this Delisting Catastrophe
  15. Pass National Tough Anti- Cruelty law on Animal Abusers
  16. Save Yasuní, the Last Wonder of the Amazon!
  17. Call for new rules to help make Europe’s cows happier. (EU)
  18. Tell the President of Wayne State University to Halt Cruel Heart Failure Experiments on Dogs (petition is inside)
  19. The European Commission first conference on the welfare of dogs and cats | PLEASE TAKE ACTIONS FOR ROMANIAN ANIMALS! - Send your letter and comment please! There is still hope!
    FB profile: Pia Berrend - Romania: News and Petitions
  20. Animal torture and child labor in Bangladesh - Against Leather
  21. Don't Let the Government Shutdown Wolf Recovery (US)
  1. Applaud Donor That Rescued Chimp From Solitary Confinement
  2. Applaud Activists for Using Technology to Save Factory Farmed Animals
  3. Commend Martha Stewart for Protecting Animal Rights
  4. Demand Investigation Into Inhumane Euthanasia of Dogs
  5. Save Live Turkey From a Deadly 1,000-Foot ‘Turkey Drop’ Spectacle
  6. Urge State Department to Stop Attempts to Obliterate Endangered Species
  7. Urge Baseball Team to End Inhumane Promotion
  8. Keep Toxic Waste Out of Our Water
  1. Hall County Georgia - Board of Commissioners: Vote YES for Anti-Tethering Laws/Ordinance in Hall County, GA
  2. Gov of Illinois: Stop the killings of dogs by police officers in Illinois
  3. We urge the government of Bangladesh to immediately stop all activity and stop destroying the World Largest Mangrove.
  4. End Unlimited Dumping of Carbon Pollution
  5. Stand Up to Big Polluters: Support the EPA's Action on Climate Change
  6. Za gradonačelnika Velike Gorice, gospodina Dražena Barišica: Želimo NO KILL sklonište u Velikoj Gorici!
    We need a No-kill shelter in Velika Gorica, Zagreb, Croatia 
  7. AVMA : Remove Gunshot from Your Accepted forms of Equine Euthanasia by Veterinarians
  8. Equine Slaughter Houses: Stop the slaughter of horses in the US (target?)
  9. America: Start Controling Equine Breeders in the USA (target?)
  10. Mohave County Board of Supervisors: Change the Mohave County dog limit law.
  11. Mardi 8 Octobre 2013 Adieu Bacri Tu Es Mort Ce Matin
  12. David Copperfield & MGM Grand, Las Vegas: Stop the use of a live duck in David Copperfield's stage show
  1. Protect Tigers from Train Collisions in India
  2. U.S.- Ban the Import of Lion Trophies
News and Polls
  1. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? Vote NU/ NO please! Vote every day!  
  2. SOS! 30 dogs for chemical experiments! Please, help to rescue these animals!
    A plea from Russia, scroll down for English version.
  3. Stray dogs in Romania: Third appeal to President Basescu
  4. 3-minute chocolate challenge
    How much do you really know about dairy? This 3 minute video might just surprise you. What’s more, you could win free chocolate just for watching it! Take the challenge — watch this investigation video to reveal the dairy industry's biggest secret — then choose which choccies you’d rather nom: cows’ milk, or dairy-free?
  5. NSW piggery owners face animal cruelty charges
  6. 450 mink released in Minnesota, wave of fur farm raids continues
  7. FB video: True animal rescuers (it should be shown in schools!)
  8. Navajo Leader Drops His Support for Slaughter of Wild Horses on the Reservation
  9. Elephant Poachers Should Be Shot On The Spot, Tanzanian Minister Suggests
  10. Abandoned and starving to death, the horses dumped by their owners because of a slump in demand after horsemeat scandal
  11. Website: Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary
    Jan and Graham Garen, UK!
  12. Looking for a good and reliable place to volunteer with animals?
    (Use translator) Great opportunities for (para)veterinarians and volunteers for a free stay abroad, to help animals!
  13. Volunteers for Animals - Do you have an Animal Shelter? We can help!
  14. 45th Aid Action of-the-Month
    The large shelter in Sofia where many sterilizations are performed is forced to move. They desperately need our help.
  15. Dog Overcomes Injuries and Becomes Icon for Hope
  16. Parisian Cafe Serves Up Kitty Affection Along With Coffee
  17. What One Man Did to This Dog is Sickening - But Then Angels Saved His Life :)

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