Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 27 petitions and more

  1. Stand with indigenous people of Canada against Texas frackers.
  2. Tell your Representative to support safe, clean offshore wind energy today.
  3. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is putting the Arctic Ocean in the hands of the oil industry.
  4. Keep Primates In The Wild, Not In Our Homes
  5. Safeguard Our Seawater From Ocean Acidification
  6. Northern Long-Eared Bats Need Protections
  7. Tell the FDA to Enact Stronger Pet Food Safety Regulations
  8. Bulls Ripped Apart in Barbaric Ritual--Take Action Now!
  9. Law & Orca: Morgan Needs You!
    Subject: I show my support for Morgan
    Minister for Agriculture Sharon Dijksma
    Dear Sir,
    I read that Morgan’s next hearing will be at the High Court in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands on the Tuesday 3rd of December 2013 at 10:45 am. (Council of State (Raad van State) of the Netherlands, Chamber Unit A3, Kneuterdijk 22, 2514 EN Den Haag, Netherlands ).
    I call for Morgan’s transfer to a sanctuary.
    Please help to prevent any other orca from suffering as Morgan has suffered ever again.
  10. Justice For Breezy (Dog kicked and beaten with a shovel and rake, and tossed in a dumpster in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  11. Tell your MP you want strong protection for Pacific salmon
    (if not from Canada just copy/paste the letter and email addresses and send the letter on your own)
  12. Tell Staten Island hospital to instruct USDA to postpone any planned turkey killing
  13. Pass the Save America's Pollinator's Act of 2013, HR 2692 (US)
  1. Commend Efforts to Reduce Global Food Waste
  2. Commend Winery for Helping Dogs in Need
  3. Commend Brave Dachshund for Fighting Obesity
  4. Save Environmental Conservation Education Center from Permanent Closure
  5. Praise Crackdown on Animal Abuse
  6. Stop Ironic Killing of Critically Endangered Rhino
  7. Clean Up Hazardous Fossil Fuel Waste Piles
  8. Stop Taxpayer Money from Destroying Coral Reef
  9. Applaud Research Promoting Conservation of Rare Bird
  1. Romanian Police must find these criminals and punish them
  2. Prime Minister Stephen Harper & President Barack Obama: Create An Animal Abuser/Killer Registry
  3. Iowa: Stop Offering Courses In Commercial Dog Breeding
  4. European Union: STOP Bosnia from replicating the "Romanian Slaughter Law" and allow the killing of all homeless dogs, two weeks after capture.
  5. Neville Greeley, Mayor of Cornerbrook, Newfoundland: Allow the dump site cats to be helped.
  6. Tout le monde: Signer et signaler la page
    Cat Torture: Report the Facebook group as well!
  7. FB: Add animal abuse to reporting & deleting criteria for animal cruelty pages
  8., also known as "Frikkie du Toit Safaris" and "Providers of Christ": Stop their photo of hunting adventures
  9. a Dña. Ana Botella Alcaldesa de Madrid: Ruego supriman la ley de denuncia a quien controla colonias de gatos callejeros, muchos de ellos son abandonados y solo con alimento y paciencia se les puede rescatar.
    Spain: Help protect feral cat colonies.
  10. Stop Decatur Alabama Mayor Don Kyle's Targeted Killing of Shelter Animals
  11. Rescue World : Stop the Bullying of Great Rescuers such as Let Them Live
  1. Stop the Killing of Rhinos as a way to Save Rhinos!
  2. Stop the Expansion of Coal Exports from British Columbia's Ports
  3. Take a stand to protect Californian forests against ever expanding wineries
  4. Stop Killing Wildlife
  5. Stop Prince George tract from being developed and contaminating SC Estuaries
  6. Demand to Permit 20++ Year Resident Manalapan Cats to Continue to Live in Wooded Area
  7. Shut down the "Wisconsin wolf hunting facebook page"
  8. Let's Put An End To Craigslist Community Pet Section Forever
  9. Ban fireworks in rural areas from petrifying livestock and wildlife.
  10. Demand Little Rock Zoo Send Sophie, Babe and Zina to a Sanctuary
  11. Retire Limba the elephant to PAWS Sanctuary
  12. Ban Gabriel Brandenburg from keeping rats that she neglects and tortures.
  13. Stop Belgian Pigeon Races
  14. Bats Need More Than a Wing and a Prayer
News and polls
  1. Vote for one of the five finalists for the October 2013 Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant  - Please vote for American Humane Association to get $5000.00US grant. You can only vote once.
  2. Hunters' Association: Exterminate the Wolf from Sweden
    Should the wolf stay in Sweden? Vote Yes/JA
  3. POLL: Should the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia be banned? YES!
  4. Brazilian Activists freed 200 Laboratory Beagles! [VIDEO]
  5. Places for Wolves: Wolf Habitat in North America
  6. America's Wolves At Risk [VIDEO]
  7. Lulu's Abuser is Charged with Extreme Animal Cruelty
  8. Jailed animal rights activist goes on hunger strike in Illinois
  9. Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti: Holding my head above dark waters
  10. Just in, Phineas the dog has been returned
  11. Shelter Dogs Model for Ralph Lauren
  12. Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling with Arthur (Original) [VIDEO]
  13. The Price Was Right for The Elephants Bob Barker Saved - 1 Million Dollars!
  14. This Funny Talking Dog Got Pranked... and It's Going to Make You Laugh
  15. A Dog Shot and Left in the Mountains to Die was Carried Home by an Angel.
  16. What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough -- BBC One [FULL HD]

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