Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25 petitions and more

  1. Write Wild: Tell Canada's Transport Minister to Say "No" to Northern Manitoba Oil Shipments by Rail
  2. IDA Works to Prevent Lab Drownings
    Anniversary of a Tragedy - On October 27, 2012, floodwaters surged the basement laboratories of NYU Medical Center as a consequence of Hurricane Sandy drowning approximately 10,000 animals trapped in their cages. As a result, IDA has initiated a campaign to pressure the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW), to prohibit the housing of animals in basement laboratories in flood-prone areas.
  3. Additional Action Needed to Help Animal Victims of Cruelty (WI)
  4. Leave beluga whales in the wild
  5. Demand Miami Seaquarium Retire Orca Lolita, Ending Her 43 Year Captivity in Conditions Violating the Animal Welfare Act
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Don't Legalize Mass Killing Of Stray Animals
    Voting is on Monday, Oct. 28, 2013. Please send the protest letter
  7. Gray Wolves in Grave Danger – Act by 10/28/13 (US)
  8. Help Millions of Pigs Suffering in EU.
  9. Help Stop the King Amendment from Becoming Law (US)
  10. Stop the Senseless Killing of Mute Swans Around JFK Airport, NY
    Copy and paste the provided sample comment or write your own.
  11. Non à la chasse aux baleines! - No to whaling! (confirmation needed)
  12. Protect Puffins from Starvation
  13. Sweden: Do Not touch our Golden Eagles!
  14. Tell Shell & Gazprom to free the Arctic 30
  1. Condemn Animal Shelter for Euthanizing Puppy
  2. Save Environmental Conservation Education Center from Permanent Closure
  3. Stop Rampant Use of Harmful Chemicals in Agriculture
  1. Minister Madeleine Meilleur: Ban Puppy Mills In Canada
  2. Giunta Provinciale di Parma, Presidente della giunta, Sindaco di Parma, Giunta Regionale Emilia Romagna e ISPRA: gli Enti competenti sospendano l'autorizzazione all'inutile uccisione delle volpi sul territorio Parmense
    Relevant authorities suspend the useless killing of foxes in Parma, Italy
  3. East Riding of Yorkshire Council: Refuse East Yorkshire Beagle Farm Expansion!
  4. Sistemazione Gatti Della Continassa (Cantiere Nuova Sede Della Juventus)
    Turin, Italy: Provide an accommodation for the cat colony, because of Juventus' new headquarters
  5. Ministry of Security and Justice Netherlands: Bring to Justice Torch Gallery and Katinka Simonse. Justice for the animals killed in the name of ART!
    This Dutch would-be 'artist' is a sadist and should be locked -up finally!
  6. Elizabeth Arden: #ComeClean about Animal Tests
  1. Justice for CRASH, NO Plea Bargain
  2. API Blatantly Distorts Facts. Help Fight Back.
  3. Stop Sponsoring Circus Cruelty
  4. Tell Mars Candy- Stop Animal Experiments
  5. ExxonMobil's Oil Exploration Kills 100 Whales
  6. End Violence and Torture to Elephants in India
  7. Ban the Import and Export of Tiger Bone Wine
  8. Ban Canned Hunting in Arizona
  9. Stop Indonesian restaurant (Lapo) to serve dog meat on their menu
  10. Stop the Badger Culls!
  11. Stop Animal Slaughter in Australia
  12. Peru stop killing Dolphins and using them for Shark bait
  13. Stop The Killing Of All African Exotic Animals  ...
  14. Don't Allow the Sponsored Sport Killing of a Rare Black Rhino
  15. End Deforestation Of Wild Animal Habitat
  16. Tell the EPA - Get Poisonous Lead out of Hunting Ammo
  17. Tell the USDA: Protect Baby Tigers, Lions and Other Wild Animals
  18. Demand an End to Senseless Dog and Cat Deaths
  19. Help Support 'Paw Justice'
  20. Action Plan to Clean Our Oceans
News & Polls
  1. STOP VIVISECTION! More than 1 MILLION signatures! 6 days left!
    Please continue to sign, invite and share!!
  2. Poll: Les animaux doivent-ils être reconnus comme des êtres sensibles?
    Are animals sentient beings? Vote YES/OUI (confirmation needed)
  3. Poll: Êtes-vous pour l'abolition de la corrida en France?
    Do you support the abolition of bullfighting in France?
    Vote: Oui, ce spectacle n'est pas digne d'un pays civilisé.
  4. Olympische Winterspiele 2014 in Sotschi: Knapp 50.000 Stimmen gegen das Töten der Streunertiere - Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014: Nearly 50,000 signatures against killing of stray animals
  5. CNN FILMS Broadcasts ‘Blackfish’ and ‘Pandora’s Promise’ in October, November
    CNN invites Users to join the Social Conversation Surrounding CNN Films' Blackfish
  6. Japan dolphin-killing town to open marine park, serve dolphin meat
  7. Don’t believe the hype – hooliganism is hardly better than piracy
    (about jailed Greenpeace activists)
  8. News | American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
  9. You can win :) – Tierschutzkalender 2014
    Register til October 31 and you might win a calendar from Robin Hood animal welfare organization :)

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