Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13 petitions and more

  1. Tell BP to Pay Up (US)
  2. Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand, India
  3. Urge Secretary Jewell to finalize and adopt the decision to protect Izembek National Wildlife Refuge!
  4. Canada’s caribou are in trouble. Help protect their boreal forest home.
  5. Tourist Attraction or Unacceptable Cruelty?
  1. Demand Rigorous Conservation of Indonesian Coral Reefs
  2. Commend Indonesia for Deal to End Illegal Logging
  3. Tell Aflac to Stop Exploiting Ducks
  4. Commend Nonprofit Sanctuary for Saving Captive Wolves
  5. Restrict Hunting of Endangered Mountain Lion
  6. Demand That Department Store Return to Being Fur Free
  7. Demand Military Stop Abusing Animals for Trauma Training
  8. Ban Cruel Transportation Methods of Cows in India
  9. Reprimand Ohio Man for Chaining Dog to a Tree for Four Years
  10. Create Animal Abuser Registry in Massachusetts
  11. Condemn World Leaders for Rejecting Ban on Polar Bear Trading
  12. Commend Scientists for New and Improved Fish Trap
  1. Developers of; Apple CEO Tim Cook : Remove Deer Hunter 2014 Video Game Which Promotes Trophy Hunting
  2. South Korea: Pass the amendment to Animal Protection Act. Protect animals from cruelty and improve the welfare of Korean animals!
  3. Mandatory Animal Testing disclosure on all consumer products.
  4. Netflix: Remove "The ABCs of Death"
  5. City of Dothan: Build a city dog park.
  6. Colorado State Legislature: To adopt a non-binding resolution supporting efforts to bring a total and complete international ban on the sale of ivory, without exception.
  7. Elizabeth Arden: #ComeClean about Animal Tests
  8. Olivehurst Public Utilities District: Build a dog park in Plumas Lake, CA
  9. Township Administrator Ted Ehrenberg, Bloomfield, NJ: Immediately Implement A New Volunteer Program At The Bloomfield Animal Shelter / John A. Bukowski Shelter For Animals, NJ
  10. Tri State Veterinary Center- Dr. Chevalier: Revoke her license
  11. Millcreek Police Department and Animal Enforcement: To Implement Better Training For Handling Dogs And To Implement The Use Of Tranquilizer Guns Instead Of Revolvers When Apprehending Loose Pittbulls.
  12. Village of Waunakee, Dane County, Wisconsin: Repeal Waunakee's Breed Specific Legislation that discriminates against dogs based on how they look.
  13. District Attorney Zellerbach, Supervisor John Benoit: Find Serial Animal Killer Bernadette Schwenn And The Dogs You Let Vanish Right In Front Of You.
  14. Cinemark: Stop Supporting SeaWorld's Abuse of Orcas!
  15. Say *NO* to aquarium in Albany, NY
  16. CT Supreme Court: Overturn Appellate ruling that all Connecticut horses are inherently vicious (Docket #18949)
  17. Repeal the Burns Amendment! Petition Congress to repeal the Burns Amendment and to implement the Original Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 that Congress Passed to protect the Wild Horses and Burros
  18. To: Massachusetts Lawmakers and Governor: Change the laws in Massachusetts that say animals are "PROPERTY" and due to that law it makes animal abuse punishable by only a FINE!
  19. STOP the ANIMAL DROP BOX method of receiving unwanted pets Rutherford County Animal Control Building!
  20. Secretary of Tourism and Heads of Tourism Departments, Mexico: Change the laws that allow wild animals to be used for tourist photographs
  21. An die Behörden in Asien: Stoppt die Fellgewinnung von Katzen und Hunden
    Authorities in Asia: Stop dog and cat fur production!
  22. Romanian Government: I pledge to boycott your country and its products
  23. European Parliament, EU Council of Europe & Pope Francis: Russian Federation We Ask To Stop Cruel Slaughter Of Homeless Animals
  24. Pope Francis: Denounce the South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Industry
  25. Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos: Dejad de perseguir a las personas que con su esfuerzo, dinero y la máxima higiene, controlan mediante esterilización y posterior seguimiento veterinario y alimentación, colonias de gatos callejeros.
    Spain, City of Torremolinos: Stop bothering people who take care of feral cat colonies in a responsible manner.
  26. End tax exemption for hunting groups
  27. Minister of Natural Resources David Orazietti: Do NOT re-institute the spring bear hunt
  28. Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Stop the oil pipeline and the tankers thru Great Bear Rainforest and surrounding waters.
  29. NO al IVA en Alimentos para Mascotas (México)
    Mexico: No to extra taxes on pet food
  1. Investigate Dog Abuse at the University of Oklahoma Laboratory!
  2. Ban elephants from Nepal zoo
  3. Ocean Defense Society: Stop The Seal Hunt Canada
  4. Save The Seals Stop their Massacre
  5. Justice for Quanto and all other service dogs injured or killed in the line of duty.
  6. Tell Congress to Reopen Our National Parks!
  7. Save Koalas from Coal Seam Gas
  8. Find and prosecute the criminals driving the trade in endangered species
  9. India: Implement a Rhino Conservation Plan!
  10. Protect Helena and Aurora Range (Bungalbin) Western Australia
  11. Petition Against Shechita Of Animals
    Barbaric Islamic ritual Slaughter! (no target?!)
News and Polls
  1. Miracles Rising for Romania's Dog Orphanages
    Harmony Fund helping rescuers in Romania with food and shelter for the Dogs! 
  2. Badgers 'Culled In Illegal Gassing Trials' (UK)
  3. MEPs back plans to modernise pig inspection (EU)
  4. Fb group: Καταφυγιο Ζωων Κοζανης - Greece, Dog Shelter
  5. Hold Your Horses! NYC Says No More Horse Carriages!
  6. Morris’ Rescue Watch® - Every time you watch one of these videos of cute, funny, silly cats, 1 meal will be donated! You have to fill in the number at the end 
  7. U.S. Marine nurses orphan bunnies back to health after rescuing them from military barracks
  8. Heartbreaking and Terrified Stray Dog Gets the Happiest Ending Ever

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