Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18 petitions and more

  1. URGENT: Bulls Tortured With Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival!
  2. Demand action against children who tortured and murdered nine puppies
  3. Просим максимального наказания подростков-садистов из г. Корсаков, жестоко надругавшимися над 2мя собаками.
    Russia, Korsakov: We ask the most severe punishment for the three teenagers under Article 245 of the Criminal Code and their isolation from society.
  4. Stop the Pipeline! Don’t Let Oil Destroy the Great Lakes
  5. Urge Niabi Zoo to Retire Elephants Sophie and Babe to a Sanctuary
  6. Horsemeat: a Product of Cruelty, Dishonesty and Drugging (H.R. 1094) (US)
  7. Protect Corals, Fish and Sea Turtles From Ocean Acidification
  8. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  9. Protest again against the horrific Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines!
    Send the sample latter to the provided email addresses.
  10. Pétition citoyenne pour la suppression de la corrida en France
    France: Abolish Bullfighting! (confirmation needed)
  11. STOP VIVISECTION (EU) still 98,000 signatures needed within 14 days!
  12. Stop Broodfok - Against dog breeders in the Netherlands!
  13. Forbyd zoofili i Danmark! (Sex imellem dyr og mennesker)
    Prohibit zoophilia in Denmark! (confirmation needed)
  14. Email - Help Elephants and Celebrate Victories
  15. The Great Barrier Reef is NOT a Dump!
  16. Tell Harper: "NO" to tar sands pipelines!
  1. Demand CEO Be Held Accountable for Beating Puppy
  2. Don’t Forcibly Remove Feral Cats From Their Natural Home
  1. Mayor Mike McGinn and Acting Parks Superintendent William Christopher: Oppose any ban on dogs in Seattle's public parks
  2. To Attorney General of Russian Federation Chaika Yurii Yakovlevich: Help To Save Dogs From Barbaric Vivisection
  1. Tell NC: Rejecting Federal Grants to Study Fracking is a Bad Move!
  2. Protect Rare, Albino Moose
  3. Stop Playing Partisan Games on Climate Change
  4. Tell the EPA to Protect Our Air and Water from Fracking
  5. Abolish the Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines
  6. Ban the Big Cat Trade
  7. Support F.R.A.M.E.and help End Medical Testing On Animals
  8. Horror, Violation Of Animals In Turkey
  9. Justice For Cats In China This Page Must Come Down
  10. Stop Killing Endangered Species in "Christ's Name"
  11. Stop The Needless Killing Of Animals By Rossie Hayes
  12. Help Stop Dog Cruelty And Tortures In China
  13. We are demanding for people whom abuse animals get the same treatment as child abusers would.
  14. STOP using innocent animals in the Living on the Edge Show of Waqar Zaka
News & Polls:
  1. Dogs for adoption in Romania:
  2. Spread news!!! Illegal shelter with 90 dogs, Matasari,Gorj!
  3. Should fox-hunting with a full pack of hounds be allowed? (UK) NO!
  4. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? NU/ NO!
  5. Reward offered for information on Gizmo, beagle killed in his backyard (Ingham County, Michigan)
  6. Fundraiser: Help us build a new home for dogs!
    Romania, help create a new shelter to save dogs from dogcatchers!
  7. Fundraiser: Turkish animal group Roof Appeal
    Help build a roof before winter starts.
  8. Compassion in World Farming
    Help us make the film they don’t want seen.
  9. Badger cull licence extended (UK) Please post your comment!
  10. Lithuania moves to legalize ritual slaughter
  11. Groups Seek to Protect Endangered Red Wolves in Recovery Area from Deadly Mistaken Identity

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