Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16 petitions and more

  1. Help make video "Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry" go viral!
    Send emails to S. Korean government using thesample letter or your own words
  2. Get NBC to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)
  3. Stop Rep. King's Farm Animal Cruelty Promotion Act
  4. Sign against the dog meat trade in the Philippines!
  5. Help Save Millions of Animals From Painful Poisoning Tests
  6. Russian Ambassador in London: Free the Greenpeace activists
  7. Support Satoshi Komiyama’s Fight Against Dolphin Slaughter
  8. Tell Big Biotech to Stop Poisoning Paradise!
  9. And the award goes to…Monsanto?
  10. Costa Rica said "no" to this Canadian mining company 3 times. Let's make sure it listens this time.
  11. Please help animals in Pakistan - sample letter is provided
  1. S. Korean Food Torture Culture - dogs & cats boiled alive for tonics and elixirs
  2. Urgent - Iran - Police are taking away pet dogs from owners
  3. Keep Monsanto Out of Tasmania Australia.
  4. Para que Adidas no use más pieles de Canguro.
    Adidas: stop using kangaroo skin!
  5. My sister is not a pirate - For the Greenpeace activists in Russia!
  6. Pour Empecher Le Bon Coin D Accepter Les Annonces Pour Les Animaux A Vendre Ou A Donner - STOP the 'free animals' ads.
  7. Stop à l’abattage des bouquetins du Bargy - Stop the slaughter of goats
  1. Tell Canada to Stop Poisoning Wolves
  2. Enforce India’s Animal Welfare Laws
  3. Celebrate Largest Dam Removal in California History
  4. Invest More Resources Towards Rhinoceros Conservation
  5. Urge Magazine Companies to Use Recycled Paper
  6. Commend Environmental Group for Inspiring Incredible Change
  1. José Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission, Antonis Samaras Hellenic Republic Prime Minister : Stop the massacre on stray animals
  2. Ingrid Newkirk : Forderung eines Verbotes der grausamen Fetisch Videos, in denen kleine Tiere brutal gequält und ermordet werden
    Ingrid Newkirk: demand for a ban on the cruel fetish videos in which small animals are brutally tortured and murdered
  3. Chaminade University of Honolulu: Restore humane treatment and management of feral cat colonies on campus
  4. Asociatia Mame pentru Mame: Sunt mama si Asociatia Mame pentru mame criminale, nu ma reprezinta!
  5. Unilever Australasia: Stop animal cruelty
  6. European Parliament: Implement an animal abuser registry
  7. A la Comisión de la Fiesta Provincial del Caballo de Bragado: No realizar jineteadas
  8. Save the Cattle from Illegal Trafficking & Slaughtering!
  9. Australian Government: Ban Rabbit Farming
  10. Animal rights and their welfare be introduced as a compulsory subject in Schools
  11. President Barack Obama, The Senate and The House: Declare the HORSE as the National Animal of the United States. They have CERTAINLY earned this honor!
  1. Demand an End to Horse Slaughter in New Mexico
  2. Stop brutality and massacre of dogs in Polish shelters.
  3. Nationwide Ban on Gassing in Shelters
  4. Stop The Abuse At Monkey Town, Somerset, South Africa
  5. U.S.F.D.A. Ban Unethical Palm Oil NOW
  6. Demand investigation of Lumber Liquidators for purchasing illegal lumber from Russian protected forests and endangering wildlife habitat
  7. Ghana – Investigate Whale Deaths
  8. Urgent! Close La Jolla, California Harbor Seal Rookery during Pupping Season!
  9. Gili islands in Indonesia: Tropical paradise or hell on earth for abused carriage horses?
  10. Stop all kill-shelters in the UK!
News and Polls
  1. Should fox-hunting with a full pack of hounds be allowed? Vote NO
  2. POLL: Should Great Bull Run be allowed to go on as scheduled?
    Vote NO and enter the security code.
  3. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? Vote NU/ NO every day!
  4. Dogs for adoption in Romania:
  5. Spread news!!! Illegal shelter with 90 dogs, Matasari,Gorj!
  6. Clerics rule besieged Damascus residents may eat dogs
    A group of Syrian clerics have issued a ruling - or fatwa - allowing people living in besieged suburbs of Damascus to eat meat that is normally forbidden.
  7. Do not let only them to fight our battles! Let's join Europe! [VIDEO]
    Let's stand together against the Romanian Killing Law! Oct. 26
  8. The truth about stray dogs from Romania (graphic images)
  9. Russia's homeless animals
  10. Судьба брошенного у ворот приюта пса-сапера вызвала огромный общественный резонанс в Латвии The fate of the dog abandoned at the shelter's gate caused a huge public outcry in Latvia (use translator please)
  11. FB page: Help STOP Desert Dog Death Camp
    Update: Yesterday EVERY Death Camp Desert Dog in the Animal Shelter system was released to us and there are no more languishing in the shelter
  12. Reports of strays shot to death by animal control or eaten by locals Texas...!
  13. Poll shows fox attacks on rise as David Cameron signals support for hunting ban relaxation - Bad news from UK
  14. Fascism and the Language of ‘Humane’ Meat
  15. Animal Equality - Victories in China
  16. Des chiens Roumains sauvés par des Belges! [VIDEO]
    24 more Romanian Dogs are safe now! (In Belgium)
  17. Funding needed for a trip to Romania to rescue 40 Dogs!
  18. There’s Still Time to Take Part in National Feral Cat Day® - Oct. 16
  19. News & articles on Animals from Kristina Chew at Care2
  20. Students For Animals - Maybe we can help you
    Do you need free help with neutering projects?
    Volunteers for Animals
  21. FB page: ORPAK
    Serbia, good news for once: the Orpak Shelter does not have to move (yet)!
  22. Man Saves Cat Who Changes His Life Forever

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