Friday, October 18, 2013

October 19 petitions

  1. Yahoo: Stop profitting from the slaughter of whales
  2. Tell India to Ban Animal Circuses
  3. Ban the sale of ivory in the United States (US)
  4. Demand Action for our Southwestern Desert Tortoises
  5. Save Bermuda's ocean paradise
  6. Take Action: Help End Dirty Energy!
  7. Protect River Otters From Pollution
  8. Preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  9. Help Protect Critical Seafloor Habitat
  1. Stop Exploitation of Manitoba Polar Bears
  2. Ban Use of Steel-Jaw Traps in Nebraska
  3. Commend Ralph Lauren for Promoting the Adoption of Shelter Animals
  4. Stop Illegally Butchering Dolphins to Bait and Kill Endangered Sharks
  5. Shame Man for Inhumane Acts Against Innocent Kittens
  6. Prevent Drilling in Yasuni National Park
  7. Urge Zoo to More Closely Monitor Newborn Animals
  8. Commend Refinery for Turning Farm Waste into Bioethanol
  1. County Commissioners for Columbus County, NC: Immediate Dismissal of Mr. Rossie Hayes, Columbus County Animal Control Shelter Manager (15 dogs are dead at the hands of Rossie Hayes for no justifiable reason)
  1. Save the Sundarbans Bengal Tigers
  2. Protect Monarch Butterflies from Monsanto
  3. Demand a Ban on Fracking in Canada
  4. Don’t Make UK the Hub for Arctic Oil
  5. ExxonMobil Clean Up Eket Beach Now!
  6. Demand distributors and suppliers remove all forms of bird netting
  7. Save Moon Bears from Bear Farming Torture
  8. Tell to Stop Selling Endangered Whale Meat

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