Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28 petitions and more

  1. FB event: Stop the brutal catching of dogs in Serbia
    Send a protest letter and sign the petition
  2. When Wolves Lose Endangered Species Act Protection, We Lose Wolves!
  3. EU: Stop Bosnia's dog slaughter law!
  4. Stop Mayor Francisc Boldea from killing 400 dogs!
  5. Start Animal Abusers List in all states & harsh penalties
  6. Help to restore bison to Banff National Park
  7. Tell the Snack Food 20: Cut Conflict Palm Oil, Not Rainforests (US)
  8. Declare a global sanctuary in the Arctic and stand with the 28 activists currently being detained in Russia
  9. Privately-Owned Chimpanzees Deserve Retirement Too!
  10. The Truth About Chicken
  11. STOP VIVISECTION 4 days left, more signatures needed (EU)
  12. Get World Animal Day on the United Nations' global agenda
  1. Stop the slaughtering of Sweden's wild animals!
  2. Stop the killing of wolves to protect Mountain and Woodland Caribou in British Columbia.
  3. Queremos que se prohiba, se procese y se condene a quienes consuman carne de perros y gatos y al comercio de sus pieles
    Switzerland: Ban dog and cat meat consumption and the fur trade!
  4. Until Montana calls off state sanctioned wolf hunts, withhold your tourism dollars from Montana.
  5. Diga não à legalização da exploração de cavalos no Rio Grande do Sul
    Say no to legalizing horse farm in Rio Grande do Sul
  6. Убрать из Интернета пропаганду жестокости к животным
    Russia: Remove videos promoting animal cruelty!
  7. Sustitución de Vehículos de Tracción Animal y la Liberación de los caballos esclavos en Cali, Colombia - Replace animal drown vehicles in Cali, Columbia
  8. Stop the Apuan Alps's destruction
  1. Commend Students for World’s First Solar Panel Pathway
  2. Applaud Network for Airing Whale Captivity Documentary
  3. Stop Biofuel Project from Destroying Endangered Rainforests
  4. Applaud Ban on Monkey Street Performances
  5. Save Wild and Scenic Rivers from Industrialization
  6. Applaud Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses
  7. Applaud Professor for Creative Sustainable Living Project
  8. Demand Colorado Legislators Ban Hydraulic Fracturing
  1. Boone County Commission - Boone County Legislative Representatives: The killing of companion animals must stop.
  2. Winchester/Frederick County Curcuit Court: Give Russell Ebersole the maximum possible sentence for animal cruelty
  3. SeaWorld: Free Tilikum, the Orca.
  4. Lexington,South Carolina Town Counsel: Remove the anti pit bull officers at the Ball Park Road Facility and change your regulations on holding time.
  5. The undersigned residents/property owners of Johnson County, Texas hereby petition Johnson County to provide and maintain an animal shelter for use by county residents.
  6. US: Create a National Registry Database of ALL Known Animal Abusers
  7. Romania, Bucharest: Identify, fire and charge with animal cruelty the dog catchers and those who hired them.
  8. Animal Equality and LCA infiltrate the dog and cat meat trade in China
  9. Australia: Stop mutilating, torturing, and killing sheep to make UGG Boots.
  10. Stop alla Caccia Safari nello Zimbabwe - Stop Safari Hunting in Zimbabwe!
  11. Stop the Brutal Catching and Killing of Dogs in Serbia!
  12. Justice for Menshe - Shot and Killed in his neighborhood in Craiova, Romania
  13. Partido Popular: Que las corridas de toros no vuelvan a Cataluña
    Spain: Do not let bullfighting return to Catalonia
  14. Junta directiva de la AECC: No aceptes donativos de una actividad como la tauromaquia. - Mexico, Board of AECC: Do NOT accept donations coming from bullfighting!
  15. Presidente o gobierno de la República Mexicana: No a las corridas de toros, ni en el D.F ni en todo México - NO to bullfighting, in and around Mexico City!
  16. Universidade Federal do Maranhão: Puna os agressores e acabe com o sacrifício de animais no campus - Brazil, Federal University of Maranhão: Punish the killers and end with animal sacrifices on University campus.
  17. Jacksonville City Leaders: Save Jacksonville's Animal Shelter By Opposing the Proposed Budget Cuts
  18. City of Hastings, MN: Pass and enforce anti-tethering and humane animal treatment laws
  19. The City of Moose Jaw: Enter in a Fair Contract with the Humane Society RE: Pound Keeping
  20. We the undersigned petition the City of Woodstock and the other municipalities of Oxford County to subsidize the cost of operating a veterinary clinic for the residents of Oxford County.
  21. The City of Plymouth : Bring More Funding to Our Local Shelter to Make MCHS a NO-KILL Shelter.
  22. City of Winnipeg: Lift The Ban On Owning A Pit Bull, American Pit Bull, Staffordshire, and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and/or Bully Deemed Cross Breeds Within the City of Winnipeg
  23. Person: Ban the captivity of Orcas!
  1. Act now to help "nanny of handicapped dogs"!
  2. Ask City council to change their policy on feral/stray cats and allow responsible citizens to feed them
  3. Stop The National Trust From Culling Badgers
  4. Donkey Ball Petition- End Cruelty on the Basketball Court!
  5. Rescue Yupi the Polar Bear from Scorching Mexican Zoo
News and Polls
  1. Hunters' Association: Exterminate the Wolf from Sweden
    Should the wolf stay in Sweden? Vote Yes/JA
  2. New details emerge in 'Puppy Doe' case
  3. K-9 Angels - Romanian Shelter Appeal
    FB page: K-9 Angels
  4. Strays in captivity - ESDAW
  5. Soi Dog Foundation - Sponsor A Dog Today (Thailand)
  6. The final movie trailer for OR7 - The Journey [VIDEO]
  7. What This Dog Had to Endure Will Bring You to Tears - Watch his Rescue
  8. This is the Hilarious Reason Why Cats and Dogs Don't Get Along

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