Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15 petitions and more

  1. Sheep illegally sold for 2013 Festival of Sacrifice (AU)
  2. Stop Lion Canned Hunting in South Africa
    scroll down to answer the poll and sign the petition.
  3. Help Protect Canada's Grizzly Bears (US)
  4. Say 'YES to Wildlife Corridors' (US)
  5. Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea - PETITIONS
  6. Submit your comment today and tell the FWS that you strongly oppose their misguided proposal to delist nearly all wolves.
    Post your comment before the 28th Oct. Talking points are provided.
  7. Instal CCTV into all abattoirs in Scotland by law
  8. Reserves of Russia under threat of destruction!
    Russian Federation: Don't Sell Out Land Reserves and State Parks!
  1. Chiedi Alla TV Italiana Di Fare Dei Servizi Sulla Strage Di Cani In Romania
    Italian national TV channel, show a documentary about the dogs in Romania!
  2. Petition the Chinese government to stop the Yulin dog eating festival and pass animal welfare laws.
  3. Stop the Rhino Killers
  4. Non à la création d'un abattoir provisoire halal à Belfort
    No to creation of halal slaughterhouse in Belfort
  5. Proibição Do Comércio De Quaisquer Objetos De Marfim No Brasil
    Ban The Sale Of Any Object Of Ivory In Brazil
  6. Activate the law against dogs fight in Kuwait.
  7. Arrêtez Le Braconnage Des Émirs Dans Le Sud Algérien
    Stop the poaching in Southern Algeria
  8. Action against the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation for poorly treating a baby elephant
  9. Ban cockfights in Southern Indian States
  10. European Union: Ban Using Animals in Circuses!
  1. Make Owning and Selling Wolves Illegal
  2. Stop Hunting Wild Boar with Dogs
  3. Protect Endangered Tigers by Closing Loopholes that Permit Global Hunting and Trafficking
  4. Cancel Seaworld Float in Major Holiday Parade
  5. Stop the Brutalization of Animals in Factory Farms
  6. Surrender Dangerous Elephants to Qualified Sanctuary
  7. Praise Humane Shelter for Saving Feral Cats
  8. Demand Repairs to Damaged Dam Killing Thousands of Salmon
  9. Commend Japan for Signing Treaty to Reduce Mercury Emissions
  10. Applaud Governor for Banning Use of Lead in Hunting
  11. Commend Fashion School for Discouraging Fur Trade
  12. Prevent Creation of Dolphin Eating Theme Park
  13. Stop Iran From Launching Monkey Into Space
  1. New Mexico Environment Department: Please Deny Groundwater Discharge Permit for Valley Meat Company
  2. The Honorable Judge Wall, Middletown OH and the Ohio State Legislature: Pass tougher laws against torture, neglect, abuse of companion animals in Ohio.
  3. Terry Branstad-IA Governor, Dan Behr-Grand Mound IA Mayor: Stop Breed Specific Laws
  4. Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh: Include Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in the Las Vegas Downtown Revitalization Project
  5. National Football League (NFL): Stop Funding Sports-Injury Experiments on Animals
  6. Pet Supplies Plus: Stop selling rabbits
  7. Hobby Lobby: Stop selling any kind of fur
  8. Colorado State legislators: Ban declawing of cats and other pets in the State of Colorado.
  9. It's the Deed not the Breed; Tell Denver to Lift the Pit Bull Ban
  10. Illegalise declawing cats in North Carolina
  11. Facebook, Inc.: Stop enabling animal cruelty
  12. President Obama: Make Arctic Drilling 'Off Limits' Forever
  13. Help save the Great Barrier Reef
  14. Governor Jay Nixon & Attorney General Chris Koster: Stiffer Laws for Animal Abuse & Harsher Sentencing for Animal Abusers
  15. “Hands Off Our Fresh Water” Kill Bill C45 Canada
  16. Gobernador de San Juan: Salve la Reserva San Guillermo de la megaminería.
    Governor of San Juan: Save San Guillermo Reserve from mega mining.
  17. Stop Bosnia from implementing kill law!
  18. Chinese Government: OUTLAW IVORY CARVING and educate your people that buying ivory is WRONG
  19. European Parliament: Help to protect the last virgin forests in Europe
  20. Francisco Gutiérrez - Intendente de Quilmes. Bs As, Argentina.: Que no se permita bajo ningún aspecto la tracción a sangre
    Francisco Gutierrez, Mayor of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Do not under any circumstances allow the blood traction of horses
  21. Juan Ignacio Zoido: Esterilizar a animales callejeros.
    Spain: Spay/Neuter Stray Animals
  22. Government Of Antigua And Barbuda: Vote Into Law No Captive Marine Mammals In Antigua & Barbuda
  23. Stop the massive bird slaughter in Egypt!
  24. San Jose Police Department, San Jose City Council: We, the undersigned, call upon S.J.P.D. and San Jose City Council to serve justice in the safe return of Johann the beagle. He was unlawfully obtained and MUST be returned to his family.
  1. Save Proyecto Gato!
  2. Save 600 Spanish cats!
  3. Apoyo a la Fundación San Francisco de Asís Zarzal Colombia.
    Support San Francisco de Assisi Foundation Zarzal Colombia.
  4. Protect the Gorillas and Rangers of Virunga Park, DRC
  5. Prevent the Widespread Slaughter of African Elephants.
  6. Bosnia Government: Demand Investigation Of Brutal Terrorist Act Of Animal Cruelty
  7. Erect And Maintain Electric Fences Around Endangered Villages In Sri Lanka
  8. Demand End To Animal Sacrifices At Places Of Worship In Sri Lanka
  9. We will Boycott the Tory Party until you End the Badger Cull
  10. Stop Tyson's Factory Farming!
  11. Stop the sale of fireworks in supermarkets and locals shops to protect pet animals.
  12. Stop live animal exports
  13. Stop Allowing Animals to Be Used as Raffle Prizes
  14. Don't kill the university cows!
  15. UK Zoos - Make Rules Against Children Banging On Glass
  16. Cerrar las Tiendas de Animales
    Stop animal selling stores, adopt! (target?!)
News and Polls
  1. Dogs for adoption in Romania:
  2. Spread news!!! Illegal shelter with 90 dogs, Matasari,Gorj!
  3. Website: Proyecto Gato - Save Proyecto Gato, Vigo, Spain!
  4. Harvey Nichols boss quits amid fur furore
  5. Romania: The dog mafia [VIDEO]
  6. Reply from Europe Direct on Romania's Dog Massacre, Oct. 2013
  7. Bender orphanage helped shelter for animals (PHOTOS) Russia
    Do orphans and abandoned pets have a similar fate? ask the children.
  8. VIER PFOTEN: Offizielle Eröffnung der Streuner-Klinik in Sofia
    FOUR PAWS: Official opening of clinic for stray animals in Sofia
  9. 2013 October » Focusing on Wildlife: NEWS

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