Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20 petitions and more

  1. There is just one way to save Romania’s stray dogs... Please S & S
  2. Stop the stray dogs massacre in Elbasan Albania!
  3. End Animal Exploitation - An unnecessary evil
  4. Demand an End to Legalized Animal Cruelty
  5. Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW)
  6. Back a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
  7. Ask Harvey Nichols to Stop Selling Fur
  8. Speak Up To Protect Bluefin Tuna
  1. Applaud Contention of Unfair Animal Abuse Law
  2. Commend Increase in Penalties for Animal Abusers (Philippines!)
  3. Help Preserve The Orangutan’s Habitat
  4. Taking Photos & Video of Animal Abuse Should Not be a Crime
  5. Demand Justice for Beaten Dog
  6. Demand Better Protection Laws in State With Most Puppy Mills
  7. Commend Fashion School for Discouraging Fur Trade
  8. Demand CEO Be Held Accountable for Beating Puppy
  9. Stop Mutilating Birds for their Down Feathers
  1. Bosnia do not implement kill law! Voting will be on the 23th!
  2. Vollständige und objektive Berichterstattung über die Straffreiheit vom Quälen und Töten von Tieren in Rumänien - Complete and objective coverage of the impunity of torturing and killing of animals in Romania
  3. Annahme unserer Beschwerde bei der EU gegen den Mitgliedsstaat Rumänien
    Accept our complaints against EU Member state Romania! 
  4. South African Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Bomo Edna Molewa: Create laws against poaching to protect wildlife
  5. Ban elephant trading in Punjab: Amend legislation - Abhishek Kadyan
  6. Coop: Eliminare l'olio di palma dai loro prodotti
    Coop Adriatica: Eliminate palm oil from your products!
  7. Chaminade University of Honolulu: Allow colony caretakers on school property to care for cats. URGENT!
  8. Cass County Prosecutors Office: Do not allow Deborah Rowell (Pine River Breeder) to breed or sell animals again!
  9. Stop poisoning stray dogs in Meraj city
  10. The Director General Of Police, Commissioner GHMC: Please Stop illegal slaughter of Cattle at Chenga Cherla Slaughter House
  11. UNESCO: Place Rosia Montana on World Heritage List ~ Mountains Being Poisoned with Cyanide.
  1. Stop the Canadian seal hunt
  2. Long County GA: Demand to Cease Eviction of Miracle Ranch Animal Rescue
  3. Tell the show "Arabs Got Talent" that skinning and eating live animals on stage is NOT entertainment
  4. Demand that Australia's Wool producers deliver a fair, unbiased wild dog action plan that doesn't vilify dingoes
  5. Stop fur mills (target?!)
  6. EU Ban On Animal Testing By 2013 UPDATE!
  7. Ban Gas Chambers In Every State Of USA
  8. Ban animal slaughtering at school and in the presence of young children
  9. Instituto Royal e a crueldade contra os animais
  10. Demand Justice For Animal Abuse
  11. Open an Animal Shelter in Northampton, Pa
  12. Put an end to the Peruvian killers of dolphins and sharks!
  13. Stop Dolphins Being Butchered For Shark Bait in Peru!
  14. Justice For Mercy
  15. Boycott Marineland
  16. Order FIFA to end their contract with brutal oil company Gazprom
  17. No a la destrucción de la reserva nacional Del Choré
    Stop the Destruction of the National Reserve Chore
  18. Make all UK eggs (genuinely) Free Range
  19. Stop Animal Abuse on Vine
  20. Need Conviction for Woman Who Stole 21 Dogs and Left in Hot Car in Hawaii
  21. Tell Microsoft, Dissection is Cruel!
  22. Freedom for Tibet/ Libertad para Tibet
News and Polls
  1. Moet onverdoofd slachten omwille van religieuze redenen verboden worden?
    Belgium: Vote YES/JA for a BAN on religious slaughter without stunning!
  2. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? NU/ NO!
  3. Zimbabwe: Poisoned Elephant Toll Reaches 102  Please comment!
  4. Despite Government's Shutdown U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Sent Hundreds of Horses to Slaughter Middleman
  5. Navajo Nation will end roundups of wild horses for slaughter
  6. K-9 Angels - Romanian Shelter Appeal - It's up to 53% of the goal now!
    Urgent Plea for Support: An extra shelter needed for the abandoned Romanian dogs, hunted by civilians and dogcatchers...Every amount donated now will be doubled by a very generous sponsor, until 31st October! FB page: K-9 Angels
  7. Romanian law ordering death for stray dogs stirs protest worldwide
  8. A Tribute To The Heroes Among Us - The Work of Hope For Paws [VIDEO]
  9. Watch This Simple and Cute Compilation of Dogs That Will Leave You Smiling :)
  10. Voting Begins for the Next Fuzzy Nation Super Model

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