Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23 petitions and more

  1. Demand action is taken against Chinese girls who murdered puppy with laughs
  2. Romania: Stop Mayor Francisc Boldea From Killing 400 Dogs!
  3. U.S. Navy: Don't Hurt Dolphins and Whales!
  4. Sign for Rehabilitation and Rehoming of Laboratory Dogs! (Beagle Freedom Project)
  5. STOP VIVISECTION - Just 8 days left: now 991,852 need 1.000.000
  6. End greyhound racing in Macau (more actions once you sign the petition)
  7. Adopt a crate-free policy in China's McDonalds
  8. Stop the suffering at Surabaya zoo
  9. Aiutiamo i gatti randagi di Lucca (confirmation needed)
    Italy, Lucca: Allow the care-taking of stray cats!
  10. Help Civets Suffering for Cruel Coffee
  1. Commend Navajo Nation for Opposing Horse Slaughter
  2. Demand Consumers Verify Service Dog Ownership Before Purchasing Service Dog Vests
  3. Stop Greece from Harming Environment to Save Economy
  4. Don’t Promote Alcohol for Animals
  5. Commend Organization for Shutting Down Animal Gas Chamber
  6. Commend Banning of Genetically Modified Corn
  7. Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws in New York
  8. Save Suffering Lab Monkeys
  9. End Inhumanity in Factory Farms
  10. Commend the Ban of Harmful Chemicals in Marine Areas
  1. Canadian Federation of Humane Societies: Make MarineLand take better care of their animals or shut them down!
  2. Bosnia do not implement kill law!
  3. Stop killing Strays - Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation: Stop this contracting for mass killing of abandoned dogs!
  4. Denmark’s Faroe Islands Continue Dolphin Slaughter! Stop that killing and blood ocean! (no target?!)
  5. Grèce: Faire appliquer la loi existante sur la protection animale
    Minister of Tourism
    in Greece: Enforce existing law on animal protection
  6. Madame Natacha Harry Presidente de la Societe Protectrice des Animaux: Stop au licenciement de Melle Vatin
    France, Mrs. Natacha Harry President of the Animal Protection Society: Stop the dismissal of Ms. Vatin
  7. La Justice Pour L'euthanasie De Channel - France, Justice for Channel!
  8. Aux ministres Valérie Fourneyron et Marisol Touraine: Une loi à propos de la stérilisation des animaux - France, Ministers Valérie Fourneyron and Marisol Touraine: A law about sterilization of animals
  9. Ministère de l’Écologie; Philippe Martin, Lucile Rambaud: Stop hunting Ortolan Bunting - Ortolan Bunting is a type of bird used in French gastronomy. The ortolan is force-fed by being placed in a dark box with millet, where as a reaction to darkness it proceeds to eat continuously. One way French diners ate ortolans was to cover their heads and face with a large napkin for the gourmet's aesthetic desire to absorb the maximum odour with the flavor. Read more HERE.
  10. Que la construction d'un delphinarium au ZooParc d'Amnéville ne voit jamais le jour - France: No to a new dolphinarium at Zoo Parc Amneville.
  1. Sleepless in Europe ......
  2. Stop selling baby chicks, ducks, and bunnies for Easter!
  3. Save our Seahorses
  4. Stop Horse Slaughter in Canada!
  5. Help Animals In Disasters
  6. Tell Cameron Not to Relax Fox Hunting Ban
  7. Stop (FDA) & Partner Companies From Animal Testing
  8. Justice for Mason: Help Stop Animal Cruelty!
  9. Dogs chained and killed in Liberty City, Miami
  10. Indonesia: Stop Cruelty Dogs Trading For Consumption In Yogyakarta!
  11. Stop the Running Of Puppy Mill Noted in Poplar Grove, Illinois and Save These Puppies
  12. Stop Trodax Being Used As Poison And Protect Our Pets
  13. Animal Testing And Stem Cell Research
  14. Put The Facts Before Mans' Eyes: Animal Abuse Must Stop Now!
  15. McDonalds: Stop Inhumane Chicken Farms!
  16. A&E Is Supporting Animal Cruelty With American Hoggers and Duck Dynasty Programming
  17. Stop Deforestation Before it's too Late!
  18. Stop Artesia Winery from clearing 154 acres of coast Redwoods.
  19. Strip Monsanto of Nobel Prize For Food
  20. Tell Russia to Release Greenpeace Activists
News and polls
  1. Vote - Should Alaskan sea otters be kept on the endangered species list?
  2. Sunteţi de acord cu legea adoptată de Parlament privind eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Do you agree with the law passed by Parliament on stray dogs 'euthanasia'? NU/ NO!
  3. Moet onverdoofd slachten omwille van religieuze redenen verboden worden?
    Belgium: Vote YES/JA for a BAN on religious slaughter without stunning!
  4. US animal protection coalition rushing to France to stop a massacre Oct 27 (Video)
  5. Website: VITA Animal Rights Center, Russia
  6. Man Killed By Captive Elephant Patience At Missouri Zoo
  7. A victory in the infamous Busan Gupo dog meat market
  8. Threat to sue this site over fur farm photos
    The fur industry threatens a lawsuit against Animal Liberation Frontline.
  9. Toronto Zoo elephants arrive at California sanctuary
  10. After Being Rescued, a Sweet Fox Shows Her Saviors Amazing Gratitude
  11. An Adorable Family of Kittens Plays Together Just to Melt Your Heart

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