Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17 petitions and more

  1. Don’t Give Hunters a Preference in Using Federal Lands
  2. Tell greyhound racing that you won't bet on cruelty!
  3. Help Dolphins Still Struggling in the Gulf
  4. Russia: Release the “Arctic 30” Immediately
  5. Write Wild: Save Fish Lake for All Time!
  6. Save Bluefin Tuna From Overfishing
  7. Demand action against children who tortured and murdered nine puppies
  8. Put a Stop to this Delisting of America's Wolves!
  9. Close down concentration camp Pozega, Serbia
  10. Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Keep Gray Wolves Listed Under the Endangered Species Act (talking points are provided)
  11. Submit your comments for the Proposed Revision to the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf here:!submitComment;D=FWS-R2-ES-2013-0056-1267
    Mexican Wolves are Essential! It should stay that way!
  12. Stop Tinkebell
  13. Suspend Minnesota’s recreational wolf hunt
  14. NIRC: Retire Privately Owned Chimpanzees Now
  15. Austria: Declaration of Solidarity, NO Hunting on my Land!
  16. Austria: I will not longer tolerate the killing of animals by hunters
  17. Tell the energy industry: Our forests aren’t fuel!
  18. Carnival Cruises: Clean up your act (US)
  19. Banfield Animal Hospital needs to be held accountable for pet deaths and bill padding. (confirmation needed)
  1. Viol en turquie sur les animaux
    PROTEST the ongoing Rape of Animals in Turkey!
  2. Stop à la cruauté ou la maltraitance envers les animaux
    For an Animal Protection Law in Morocco!
  3. Justice pour le massacre de Pataud
    France: Justice for the massacred poodle Pataud!
  4. Stop Katinka Simonse a.k.a.Tinkebell
    Stop this sickening 'artist Katinka' , from Amsterdam
  1. Demand Federal Protection for Bears in Captivity
  2. Punish Sanctuary Guard Who Killed Tiger For Sexual Prowess
  3. Stop Hog-Dog Fighting: A Deadly And Violent Sport Of Fighting Dogs Against Pigs
  1. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton: Stop Wolf Hunting & Trapping In MN
  2. Governor Mark Dayton and MN Congressional Leaders: Prevent sulfide mining pollution by adopting four Clean Water Principles.
  3. Update about: Justice for Jager and Luke
    A lot have been asking what the money is going for, we are using to pursue every avenue we can to bring justice to our boys and anything left over will be donated in Jager and Lukes name to Big Dawg Rescue. Why Big Dawg Rescue you ask, that is where we were fostering our beautiful boys from and where I have volunteered for the past few years, we want to try to help as many animals as we can from this tragedy. So again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and dotation. Justice for Jager and Luke We will be updating as things happen to keep everyone in the loop, so please keep sharing. Ellen and Rocky
  4. David Cameron: Give people who engage in dog fighting and who use 'bait dogs' punishment of jail for a minimum of 8 years
  5. Honorable James A. Lenker: Justice for Mischa
  6. Construyendo puentes verdes para los animales salvajes de las zonas rurales de Antioquia en peligro de ser aplastados por vehículos automotores
    Colombia, Antioquia, please construct bridges in rural areas for wildlife that is in danger of being crushed by motor vehicles.
  7. We respectfully ask that you do not endorse the ruling that Ann Marie ZaaZaa be banned from owning a dog.
  8. Mayor Mike McGinn, City of Seattle: Please ban landlords from charging their tenants a monthly "pet rent."
  1. Help Malaysia To Have Native Forests
  2. Save the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!
  3. Stop Georgia Aquarium Importing 18 Wild Belugas
  4. Justice for pit bull shot by police and left for dead
  5. Stop The Municipality And Province Of Ravenna (Italy) From The Slaughter Of Deer
  6. Stop the Romanian dog slaughter holocaust!
  7. Stop all promotion of Fur sales and Fur products
  8. Accessible adoption program for dogs from ASPA facilities (Bucharest, Romania)
  9. Demand an end to cat hunt in the Netherlands!
  10. Stop using tax dollar's to kill Wildlife
  11. Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival 强烈要求玉林政府取缔惨绝人寰的玉林
  12. China: End the Trade of Dogs Painted with Toxic Chemicals!
  13. CEO caught on video beating puppy, prosecutors drop charges - Demand Justice from the Manhattan DA!
  14. Mayor Betsy Price Refund the 50,000 you took from the Animals at Ft Worth Animal Shelter
  15. Fire 300 Pound Officer Who Fatally Shot 12 Pound Jack Russell Terrier!
  16. Say NO to Palm Oil and SAVE the ORANGUTAN
  17. STOP the slaughter of the little Grind whales in the Faroerne (no target?!)
  18. Investigate unethical & inhumane practices by the Elberton, GA Animal Control Officer.
  19. Shut Down "Fiery Spirit Ranch" For Horse Neglect-This Is Not A Horse Rescue
  20. Allow for Therapy Dogs to help NAHS
  21. Justice pour Princesse
  22. Stop Land Grabs for Sugar Production
News and Polls
  1. Dogs for adoption in Romania:
  2. Spread news!!! Illegal shelter with 90 dogs, Matasari,Gorj!
  3. Victory! JoJo the Dog Saved From Euthanasia
    Fundraiser: JUSTICE FOR JOJO
  4. Botosani Brutality (Romania)
  5. FB video: Dogcatchers in Bucharest, Romania
  6. România, ameninţată cu excluderea din Uniunea Europeană dacă maidanezii vor fi masacraţi  (use translator please) - Romania is threatened with exclusion from the EU if stray dogs will be slaughtered.
  7. New Plans To Breed Beagles For Science Testing
  8. Fundraiser: Romania Trip to Rescue 40 dogs
  9. 16/10/13: With NO Response From the Serbian Government To His Letter of 2/8/13; (UK Green Party) MEP Mr. Taylor Continues To Work With SAV and Serbian Campaigners For Further Action Helping Stray Animals in Serbia.
  10. Hunting in Austria [VIDEO]
  11. FOUR PAWS: Official opening of stray animal clinic in Sofia
  12. Soi Dog Foundation - October 2013 appeal
    A Special Opportunity To Double Your Impact Helping Homeless Dogs
    Sponsor A Street Dog Today And Your Support Will Go Twice As Far!
  13. Three rescued pups arrive from Egypt safe and sound despite long awaited delays (Photos)
  14. Amazon agrees to stop selling foie gras on UK website

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