Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24 petitions and more

  1. Save Pets From Abusive Research Practices
  2. Stop Big Ag From Silencing Whistleblowers!
  3. Horses Aren’t Food! Pass the SAFE Act (US)
  4. Stop the killing of wolves to protect Mountain and Woodland Caribou in British Columbia.
  5. Stop The Abuse And torture Of Wild and Domestic Animals
  6. Speak Up To Protect Bluefin Tuna
  7. Help Dolphins Still Struggling in the Gulf
  8. STOP VIVISECTION  991,852 Signatures and 7 days to go (EU)
  9. Oregon's Wolves Under Threat (US)
  10. Overbreeding, doping and greyhound killing exposed in Australia
    Make a comment by Nov. 6 - Sample letter can be find here:
    Have your say on greyhound racing in NSW
  11. Dogs chained and beaten in Liberty City Miami. 2 dogs dead so far. Please help us to fight for the rest! Read below & share!
  12. Say no to the suffering of millions of EU pigs! (confirmation needed)
  1. Stop aux ramassages intempestifs et injustifiés sur Le Portel / Outreau / Boulogne sur Mer - Stop the disappearances of cats!
  2. Non à la récolte de dons via la tauromachie
    - France: NO to Donations through Bullfighting!
  3. Halte au projet de porcherie aux Bouys à Chirat l'église, Allier en Auvergne - Stop the piggery project at Shirat church, Allier in Auvergne
  4. Halte à la mort des bovins due aux canettes déchiquetées dans le foin
    Stop the death of cattle due to aluminum cans in the hay!
  5. Besançon chat ....l'heureux! - Cat shelter: Give them the grant they deserve!
  6. Pour la création d'un refuge dans le dpt 06
    Create a safe shelter for abandoned animals!
  1. Stop Stores from Selling Unhealthy Puppies
  2. Help Preserve The Orangutan’s Habitat
  3. Revoke Laws That Protect Agricultural Animal Abusers
  4. Commend Increase in Penalties for Animal Abusers
  1. Harrison County, Biloxi Mississippi police: Take action against Dory's attacker
  2. Demand that Brett D. Neil of 90 Resolute Street in Rochester receive the maximum jail time and financial penalty
  3. Gov. Neil Abercrombie, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA,) and Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR.): Stop the purposeful killing of sharks in Hawaiian waters.
  4. Operation Whale Defense 2013-14: Stop Norwegian Whaling Prime minister and Government!
  5. Animal lovers: Take the animal section off of Craigslist!
  6. Ringling Brothers: Stop using animals in the circus now!
  7. Governor Deval Patrick: Stop the Sale of Shark Fins in Massachusetts
  8. Governor Nikki R. Haley: Eli's Law
  9. Bentonville Arkansas Police Dept (SWAT) Officers: Lt Robert Burkhart, Cpl. Jason Beeler is the officer who shot our dog: Fire The Officers Who Shot Queen
  10. President Obama, Sec Sally Jewell, Sec Tom Vilsack, Dir Dan Ashe: Stop the killing of the wolves, canis lupus in the U.S.A.
  11. Hamer Guitars: Stop using ivory in your guitars
  12. State Of New York: Do NOT let Amanda Bynes own any animals
  13. Facebook: Reactivate the Let's Adopt Global Facebook Page
  14. Animal Kill Shelters: Stop killing innocent animals that do not have a home
  15. Hotel-Restaurant Erbprinz: Streichen Sie "Gänsestopfleber" von Ihrer Speisekarte!
    "Prince" Hotel-Restaurant: Swipe "foie gras" from your menu!
  16. Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Lord Mayor: Save the animals on Wacol Station Rd, Wacol
  1. Sign On to Stop Wildlife Crime
  2. Ask Bermuda to Establish the Largest Marine Reserve in the Atlantic
  3. Save the Malayan Tiger from Extinction
  4. Stop Permits for Florida Bull Run
  5. End All Animal Exploitation at University of Utah
  6. Stop Illegally Destroying Elephant Habitat in Welioya Mullaitivu.
  7. Tell the Military: No Explosives Tests During Fire Season!
  8. Stop adverts for FREE DOGS in the UK
  9. Stop 'Class B Dealers' From selling Pets to Research Labs
  10. Stop landlords from forcing us to get rid of our pets.
  11. Help stop the sexual use of animals in Denmark!
  12. Don't start the slaughter of wolves!
  13. Stop Pigeon, Rabbit & Deer Hunting In Scotland
  14. End Hazing of Wild Buffalo & Newborn Calves
  15. Stop Bear Pit Cruelty Nationwide!
  16. Stop baby elephant training for tourist attraction.
  17. Tell Cameron – Scrapping Green Regulations Is Not the Answer
  18. Update about 'State of Wisconsin: ban wisconsin dog owners from keeping dogs outside in winter time - Update and the Closure of the petition on
News and Polls
  1. Mountain Lion Foundation | News
    Big Game Hunter Pays $13,500 to Participate in Nebraska's First Ever Exclusive Lion Hunt
  2. Mad Sausage [VIDEO]
  3. Pet Rescue |  ...updates and news...
  4. General Pets |  ....general articles, animals...
  5. Quebec will end killing of animals in gas chambers and regulations for breeders
  6. Website: ACE Animal Care España
    Spain, many dogs to be adopted! Save the Dogs of Los Barrios!
  7. Cute polar bear cubs lovin' up their mamma [VIDEO]
  8. Grumpy cat: How one very sour puss is building a money-spinning global showbiz empire

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