Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 petitions and more

  1. Tell Zoos and Aquariums to Stop Aiding the Dolphin Killing
    (petition + a sample letter to send)
  2. STOP VIVISECTION Still app. 50.000 needed! 10 Days left! (EU)
  3. Submit comments on the proposed rule: Proposed Revision to the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf
    Sample comments and talking points can be found here: Act Now to Ensure Mexican Wolf Recovery! Deadline Oct. 28th!
  4. Stop euthanizing dogs in Romania!
    Scroll down to see other petitions supporters are signing!
  5. Germany: No room for Hunters in your Church!
    Sign please against the Hubertusmesse!
  6. Stop the Ivory Sales in the US! (US)
  7. Netherlands: Sign please for a Fur-Free Country!
  8. 180,000 hectares of rainforest threatened by oil company
  1. Stop All Animal Testing in India
  2. End the Slaughter of Sea Mammals in Japan
  3. Don’t Allow Hydraulic Fracking in California
  4. Shame Man for Inhumane Acts Against Innocent Kittens
  5. Revoke Laws That Protect Agricultural Animal Abusers
  6. Make Dog Tail Docking Illegal in Washington
  7. Fund Ocean Conservation Efforts
  8. Commend France for Upholding Nationwide Ban on Fracking
  9. Urge Investment In Solar Energy
  10. Shut Down Infamous Puppy Seller
  11. Praise Animal Cruelty Ordinance in Indiana
  12. Close Inhumane Animal Ranch
  13. Save the Dying Moose Population
  14. Prevent Illegal Logging and Deforestation in Peru
  1. Welsh Assembly government: Ban the shooting of Greenland white-fronted goose
  2. Mayor of Drobeta Turnu Severin: Don't kill the 577 dogs!
  3. EU Parliament : Investigate What Happened To The Public Funds Designated For Spay/Neuter Programme For Stray Dogs In Romania
  4. Boycott Beef until the SA.F.E. Act is passed
  1. 7 Ways to Help Polar Bears (list of 7 petitions for polar bears)
  2. Keep Wolves Listed as an Endangered Species
  3. Stop the Barbaric Whale Massacre in Faroe Islands
  4. Stop Illegally Destroying Elephant Habitat in Welioya Mullaitivu.
  5. Paren la matanza de delfines en el Perú de inmediato
    Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Peru immediately
  6. Let's put a stop to the Mosta cat killings
  7. Urge The National Institute of Health To End Horrific Cat Experiments
  8. Shut Down the Frikkie du Toit Safari Facebook page and Website
  9. Yukon men needs be to taken down from Discovery channel
  10. Ban Sow Crates in the United States
  11. Demand to Stop Raw Sewage Dumping In the Pacific!
News and polls
  1. POLL: Should the Slaughter of Grouse be allowed to continue?
  2. Moet onverdoofd slachten omwille van religieuze redenen verboden worden?
    Belgium: Vote YES/JA for a BAN on religious slaughter without stunning!
  3. Donation project: Einer für alle - alle für den Tierschutz in Rumänien
  4. Pet Abuse Warnings: (Look alphabetically by last name and or rescue name)
  5. Ethical Objections to Animal Experimentation [VIDEO]
  6. Kenya to microchip every rhino’s horn
  7. Orthodox Rabbi throws down on fur
  8. Snow Leopards Saved from Gas Pipeline
  9. End of an era: Bolton's last greyhound racing track will be demolished
  10. Welcome Lora Dunn | Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Animal Legal Defense Fund has added another invaluable animal hero to its staff!

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