Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fire the Wisconsin state employees in armed raid that killed “Giggles” the baby deer‏


To: (

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
(608) 266-1212

Dear Sir,

A bolt gun is a slaughterhouse weapon. It is brutal and ugly and the DNR’s own record shows that this defenseless, 20 pound animal died after a state employee drove a steel bolt through her head.

That's what happened to Giggles when on July 15, 2013 an armed raid was organised on the Society of St. Francis animal shelter in Kenosha County, WI.
This raid was to capture and kill a baby fawn that had been dropped off at the shelter, and who had been named “Giggles” by the shelter staff.
The DNR internal documents reveal the following:
  • Though the DNR claimed in a public statement that “None of our staff take joy in these situations,” emails show that personnel were excited and looking forward to the raid. They even expressed that joy with  “smiley faced” emoticons in their email.The DNR violated their own plan by killing Giggles before her origin could be discovered. Instead of asking the shelter owner where Giggles came from, the DNR simply killed the fawn outright.
  • The DNR charged taxpayers for snacks and potato chips for their wardens who assisted with the raid.
  • Giggles was killed by having a metal bolt shot through her head.
Left: The DNR’s own records show how excited and happy they were that they were going to capture and kill a baby deer. Right: The DNR actually charged taxpayers for snacks and potato chips for the wardens, because apparently if you work for the DNR, killing a fawn makes you hungry.
The armed raid by DNR was government at its very worst.
These people abused their power, they wasted taxpayer money, and they took pleasure in an outrageous raid on an animal shelter all so they could capture and kill a fawn.
The DNR claimed that Giggles was “euthanized,” but by their own admission they killed her using a bolt gun.

The Killing of Giggles the Fawn

I ask you to fire all of those who planned and participated in this raid, especially those who took such joy in it.



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