Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1 petitions and more

  1. Preserve the Lives of River Otters
  2. Until The State Of Wyoming Halts Wolf Hunting, We Call For A Ban On Wyoming Tourism
  3. 1 million to ban the lion trade
    Update: 31 October 2013 - Amazing win! A South African court just ruled that the government violated our right to free speech when they tore down ads calling for the protection of South Africa’s lions -- and we’re all over the news. Let’s use this momentum to get our petition to 1 million and save the lions.
  4. Unchain Pinnawala's manacled elephant babies
  5. Save our marine sanctuaries
  6. Demand Denmark, Norway and Poland stop killing animals during military training exercises.
  7. Urge New York School District to Ditch Glue Traps!
  8. Ask Psychiatric Center to Halt Cruel Turkey Massacre!
  9. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  10. Kentucky: Speak Out Against Cruel Livestock Practices (KY)
  11. California: Thank Governor for Signing Lead Ammo Phase-Out Bill! (CA)
  12. Please help remove King Amendment from final Farm Bill (US)
  13. Ask your member of Congress to oppose wolf delisting (US)
  14. Ban Longlines in Gulf of Mexico Bluefin Tuna Spawning Areas
  15. Kein Hundemorden in Bosnien! - No dog killings in Bosnia!
    Scroll down for the links of 7 other important petitions
  16. Stopp dem Massaker an den Hunden in Mauretanien!
    No to killing Dogs in Mauritania! Scroll down for more petitions.
  17. FB event: Bosnia please vote NO  - short msg to send
  18. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Scroll down for to sign a petition or send a letter
  19. Urge No Plea Deal For Torture Of Puppy Doe
    Sample letter and whom to contact are provided
  20. Stop the animal death camps in the EU!
  21. "Boycott Travel & Tourism to South Africa"
  22. Live Transport of Farmed Animals (UK)
  1. Don’t Allow Former Pets to Become Animal Testing Victims
  2. ‘Bile Milking’ of Bears Leads to Brutal Imprisonment and Torture
  3. Stop Sexual Abuse of Animals: Make Bestiality a Crime
  4. Condemn Traditional Goat Sacrifice
  5. Ban Meat Sales of Threatened Species
  6. Praise Firefighters for Rescuing Puppies
  7. Commend Ban on Circus Elephant Abuse
  1. Last chance for Bosnian animals. Please vote AGAINST the amendment that will allow the killing of stray animals.
  2. Mrs Lia Olguta Vasilescu, Mayoress of Craiova: Unless you address the horrors in your shelter, you can only dream of becoming a European Capital of Culture!
  3. EU: We urge Romanian media inquiry by an European Commission for instigating to acts of violence and cruelty against humans and animals
  4. The United States Department of Agriculture: Do not Approve The Chinese Government's Application for this...
  5. Pour que l'enseigne KOOKAI cesse d'utiliser de la fourrure d'animaux!
    Kookai: Stop using animal fur!
  6. Mr Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto: Punish the ones responsible for the horrendous torture inflicted to this horse and others to the maximum (Mexico)
  7. Stop Barrick gold mining activity and save the cougar!
  8. STOP cruelty on milk cows of "Burger King Dairy"
  9. Stop this American Horror Story. Tell Walmart to Stop Torturing Pigs
  10. Alcalde de Sada: Detener la campaña de exterminio de gatos
    Spain, Mayor of Sada: Stop the campaign of extermination of cats
  11. End animal cruelty at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and fire Dr. Rodrigo Silva
  12. Dismiss Chairman Simon Jenkins due to recent overturning of National Trust Members' popular vote to prohibit badger culling on National Trust land.
  13. Inserire Nella Costituzione I Diritti Degli Animali
    Italy: Constitutional Rights for Animals!
  14. Graigslist: Please take all animals off of this Graigslist website
  15. Ban thorn bits: Protect horses - Miss Sukanya Kadyan
  16. Illinois House of Representatives: STOP! Over-vaccinating Dogs and Cats with The Rabies Vaccine .. Less Is More!
  17. Владимир Путин: Снимите обвинения в хулиганстве с активистов #Гринпис и освободите команду #Arctic30 - Putin: Release the Arctic 30!
  18. The Facebook Community: Show The World Your Voice For World Peace And An End To Atrocities Inflicted On All Living Beings (target?!)
  1. NO Permits for 18 Captive Beluga Whales
  2. Stop Permits for Live Exports from Australia
  3. Tobacco Companies: Keep Your Butts Out of Our Bay!
  4. Tell North Carolina: Reject 'Forced Pooling' Fracking!
  5. Ban mulesing of Australian sheep
  6. Stop Boiling Birds Alive!
  7. Craigslist STOP Selling Animals
  8. Save Beagles From Being Bred For a Life of Suffering in Experiments
  9. EU Livestock Exports: End The Cruelest Journey On Earth
  10. Stop Killing the Brumbies
  11. Stop Craigslist from supplying "bait" animals for dog fighters
  12. Boycott Craigslist until they remove the "PETS" category from their site!
  13. Urge No Plea Deal For Torture Of Puppy Doe
  14. Terrible... serve their entire life and then end up in the slaughter house :(
    Don't send the Central Park carriage horses to slaughter!
  15. Stop The Sexual Abuse Of Animals!
  16. Demand Justice For Zoey, Killed By a Hunter's Arrow
  17. Punish peace officer for cruelty to animal
  18. Local no-kill shelter in danger of closing
  19. Veterinary call to ban mulesing of Australian sheep
  20. No all'aumento dell'iva sui mangimi per animali in Messico!
    Mexico: No to increasing VAT taxes on Animal food
  21. Tell the Senate to Save Cod, Herring and Fishing Communities
  22. Say NO to the Poseidon Ocean Desalination Plant
  23. Keep us on daylight savings time permanently.
News and Polls
  1. Cast your Vote for Cats Protection League!
  2. Vote for one of the five finalists for the October 2013 Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant - Please vote for American Humane Association to get $5000.00US grant.
  3. Florida man arrested for dragging dog behind SUV
  4. Puppy destined to be killed is saved in the nick of time
  5. Donation project: Help Save Horses
    by New Mexico Equine Protection Fund of the New Mexico Community Foundation
  6. Donation project: Sir David Attenborough: Help us save the mountain gorilla
  7. Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists
    China: 75-year-old uncle Liu Yihua has owned a shoe polish stall at the junction of Shuang Hua Road for many years in Chengdu but he lives frugally so that he can afford to keep his 9 adopted stray dogs. Uncle Liu says he has to spend at least 4 or 5 hundred Yuan a month to feed them. Usually he is reluctant to spend on himself. He smokes a pack of 2 Yuan cigarettes but is willing to spend more than 10 Yuan a day to buy a variety of nutritious meals for his dogs.
  8. Website: RespekTiere Salzburg | Our strength is our weakness for animals!

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