Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17 petitions and more

  1. Stop illegal trafficking of wildlife!
  2. No bail & jail sentences for pitbull dog fighters!
  3. Labeling vegetable and animal-free products for long-term prevention of animal experiments
  4. Stop the Dog Wash!
  5. Canada: BAN dog and cat fur imports!
  6. Stop the mass murder of dogs in Iran!
  7. Stop Fox Hunting
  8. Bosnia: NO to Amendments, yes to TNR! (automated mailing system)
  9. Stand By Animals In China
  10. Voiceless Friends - Dog meat and fur trade in China
  11. Take action for dogs in the Philippines now!
  12. Ask NIH to Stop Using Dogs in Heart Failure Research (US)
  13. Ask Costa Rican Congressmen to Say no to Animal Cruelty!
  14. Losing Wolves Would Impoverish Us All (US)
  15. Protect Alaska's Rarest Wolves
  16. Wolverines Urgently Need Your Help -- Again
  17. Punishment to fit the crime yet to be decided for ‘Roll on London’
    Scroll down for a sample letter and the address to write to the judge!
  18. Help Us To End Bullfighting
  19. Tell New Schools Chief Not to Fund Pigs' Suffering
  20. Tell the U.S. Senate that You Oppose Ranching Industry Bill (US)
  21. Help stop the cruel live animal export trade
  22. No Logging On the Doorstep of Crater Lake (US)
  23. Protect America’s Arctic from Oil and Gas Drilling
  24. Demand A Fracking Moratorium on our Public Lands!
  25. Ghana’s Atiwa rainforest must be protected
  26. Send Your Message: No Coal Exports
  1. Ban Torturous Hanging of Greyhounds in Spain
  2. End Brutal Animal Killings in Pornographic Videos
  1. Busan Gijang Police: Proper investigation and prosecution of psychopath who killed countless dogs by sledge hammer blow to the neck and blowtorching in Busan Gijang, South Korea
  2. Justice for Gilyongee! South Korea, Strengthen Animal Protection Act and Ban Dog and Cat Consumption!
  3. Naju (Jeollanamdo-province), S. Korea: Please crack down on illegal dog slaughter & auction market immediately!
  4. City of Cheonan, S. Korea! Please crack down on the illegal trade of dogs for human consumption at the 'Cheonan 119 Pet Dog Auction Market' immediately!
  5. Martin Schulz stop the mass murder of Romanian street dogs!
  6. Romania is in violation on the European Animal Welfare Legislation
  7. The Greenville, Texas Animal Shelter: Socialization, mental/physical stimulation, off-site adoption, vaccinations/medications, low-cost spay/neuter, TNR feral cats, foster-home program, rescue group outreach, open on Saturday/Sunday.
  8. Germany: Prohibition of Hunting with Dogs!
  9. Heaven's Cause Governor of NJ The NJ State Senate The NJ State House: "Make animal abuse a felony in New Jersey".
  10. Governo Federal: Pelo não fechamento da SUIPA e PELO absorvimento da divida de14 milhões de reais em inpostos
    Governor of Brazil: Support SUIPA, an important animal welfare Organization!
  11. Russia, Putin: Save Tyumen's first public shelter, called 'Best Friend'!
  12. Al Sig ministro dell'ambiente e della tutela del territorio e del mare Andrea Orlando: che apra un'inchiesta presso il sindaco di Pontinvrea (Sv), presso la Asl del Savonese e all'istituto zooprofilattico di Genova
    Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea, Mr Andrea Orlando: Open an investigation at the
    Zooprophilactic Institute in Savona and Genoa
  13. Pet Supplies Plus: Stop Selling Animals
  14. President of Ecuador, Rafael Delgado Correa: We want to save Ecuador's Yasuni National Park from oil drilling.
  15. Keep Shell out of the Arctic Ocean and Prevent New Oil Drilling and Leasing
  16. Retire Limba from Public Appearances and Performances
  17. University of Missouri- Columbia School of Veterinary Medicine Stop sentencing animals who can be saved to death by refusing treatment to animals of lower income individuals!
  18. We want the Webster County, WV County Commission to open their animal shelter to the public.
  1. Petition for Compassion for Australia's Wild Horses
  2. Command the Australian government to end the aerial culling of Australian brumbies now!
  3. Stop Indian Railways from killing elephants
  4. Stop the poaching of wolves in Finland
  5. Stop Poaching Tigers
  6. Stop Ivory Sales!
  7. Take down Melissa Bachman’s facebook page & ban her from making her murders of animals glamorous!
  8. Boycott Melissa Bachman the lion killer (target?!)
  9. "Rack 'em up" no more!! Stop the violence!!
  10. Stop the killings at Hamilton Animal Control (unfinished petition)
  11. Save The Leopards In Africa (target?!)
  12. France: Announce trapping!
  13. Protect Oahu's Coral Reefs
  14. Minimize the Negative Environmental Impacts of Coal Mining
  15. The outcome of Captain Paul's court date (an update, not a petition)
News and Polls
  1. WIN: Plans for Yorkshire Beagle Breeding Farm Rejected!
  2. How to Help Animals In Philippines After Typhoon Yolanda
  3. In Defense Of Animals Offers $1,500 Reward In Grizzly Bear Killing
  4. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  5. Updated: Limited spring bear hunt allowed in North
    Poll: Should Greater Sudbury opt in to the spring bear hunt? NO
  6. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  7. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story!
  8. Vote for Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary
  9. Help rescue horses during their rehabilitation - Vote please.... or Vote for this if you have another email address. First time you need to confirm the address, later you can vote without confirmation: Project 171 for Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
  10. Vote for your favorite coolest pet in Houston!
  11. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for either "Eastern Pacific Hawsbill Initiative" or "Save the Frogs". US only
  12. FB page The Botswana Threatened Wildlife Trust latest news
  13. Newsletter from Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e.V.: The Fur Breeders want us silenced! (use translator please)
  14. FB event: Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law!
  15. Birth control program for wild horses in the Danube Delta has begun
    4- PAWS (use translator please)
  16. VICTORY: Colorado mink farm raided, forced to close
  17. Media Centre | - Recent Media releases with good news as well!
  18. Website: Streetdogs Hua Hin (Thailand)
  19. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare
  20. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 - The Journey
  21. Oso and Belle day trip for release at Santa Rosa Island November 9, 2013
    [VIDEO] seals back where they belong :)

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