Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5 petitions and more

  1. Protect our forests and wildlife
  2. Endorse Yes on 522
  3. Ask Mexican Medical School to End Cruel Experiments on Dogs!
  4. Save the Reef - Greenpeace
  5. Stop oil exploration in Virunga National Park
  6. Убрать из Интернета пропаганду жестокости к животным
    Russian Prosecutor: Ban Internet Promotion of Cruelty towards Animals!
  7. Stop the dog slaughter in Romania!
  8. Impose complete ban on illegal hunting of Migratory Birds (Pakistan)
  9. Stop Torturing Greyhounds (Galgos) in Spain!
  10. Save the chimps- stop the Herakles Farms' project!
  11. Tell Andrew Lansley and Lord Wallace to fix or scrap the gagging law (UK)
  12. ¿Está a Favor de la abolición de las corridas de Toros en S.L.P?
    Mexico, SLP: NO against Bullfighting! (confirmation needed)
  13. ¿Atracción Turística, o Crueldad Inaceptable?
    Spain, Tordesillas: Stop tormenting Bulls!
  14. Sound the alarm before even more wild horses disappear from Stan Palmer's property (US)
  15. Animals Are Hurting on Irish Fur Farms – Call for a Ban Now!
  16. Boycott Travel & Tourism to South Africa because of the canned hunting
  17. Our country's wetlands and streams at risk! - deadline Nov. 6. (US)
  1. Urge County to Ban Breeder and Puppy Mill Sales
  2. Shut Down Infamous Puppy Seller
  3. End Cruel Blood Sport of Fox Hunting in Ireland
  4. Punish Man for Slaughtering Innocent Kittens
  5. Praise Crackdown on Animal Abuse
  6. Thank City Council for Banning Use of Wild Animals for Entertainment
  7. Release Peaceful Activists Arrested for Protesting
  8. Protect Endangered Wolves
  9. Stop Breeding Beagles for Cruel Laboratory Experiments
  10. Commend State for Pet-Friendly Housing Law
  11. Regulate Use of Harmful Hormones on Blue Crabs
  1. Stormont Northern Ireland Assembly: Ban Fox and Stag Hunting
  2. Artesa Vineyards & Winery: Don’t destroy redwood forest for vineyards
  3. Keep Australia Beautiful: Drop your dirty Coke habit!
  4. Xi Jinping, Presidente de la República Popular de China: Detener el comercio de carne de perro y gato en China, así como los criaderos y granjas de ambos.
    Xi Jinping, President of China: Stop the trade in dog and cat meat as well as breeding and farming of both.
  5. Erneuter Protest gegen den Abschuß der Streunerkatzen auf der Insel Borkum
    New protest against the shooting of cats on the Borkum island, Germany!
  6. Gobierno de Guadalajara: Investigación y prevención del envenenamiento de perros en la colonia La Estancia, Zapopan.
    Government of
    Guadalajara: Investigate and prevent the poisoning of dogs in the neighborhood of La Estancia, Zapopan.
  7. Mark Chavez at Gunhawk Firearms: STOP December Coyote Killing Contest by Gunhawk Firearms
  8. Alcalde de Sada: Detener la campaña de exterminio de gatos
    Mayor of Sada: Stop the campaign of cat extermination
    Send your message directly to the Mayor!
  9. Ayuntamiento de Mogán (Gran Canaria) y el Puerto Base que se encuentra en la playa de Puerto Rico. dejen de perseguir a las personas que se dedican a controlar la superpoblación y alimentación de los gatos callejeros.
    City of Mogan (Gran Canaria) and Port Base located on the beach in Puerto Rico: Stop persecuting people who are dedicated to control the overpopulation and feeding of stray cats.
  10. Kırklareli Belediyesi: Kırklareli Belediyesi kış için her sokağa kedi evleri yapsın.
    Turkey: Care for the cats living on the streets, especially during the winter
  11. Camara de Diputados de la Republica Mexicana: Que NO APRUEBEN la aplicacion del IVA del 16% a comida para mascotas
    Chamber of Deputies of Mexico: Do not apply 16% taxes on pet food!
  12. No al IVA en kroketas para Perros y Gatos. - No VAT taxes on dog and cat food
    Stop Government Sponsored Horse And Animal Theft!
  2. Baby Elephant Beaten Until it Screamed!
  3. Protect Florida Manatees from Deadly Pollution
  4. Ban Moose Hunting
  5. Release Captive Spirit Bear Back to Great Bear Rainforest
  6. Stop Using GPS Collars to Track Tigers
  7. Stop the Suffering of Working Animals
  8. We Ask To Stop Cruel Slaughter Of Homeless Animals 
  9. Tell The USDA - APHIS: STOP Animal Abuse and Cruelty! (no target)
  10. Oppose Dog fighting
  11. Beckwith Township: Change by law 96-06 section 14.(a) Increase the limit for rescues/foster homes.
  12. Demandons A L Arrondissement Ville-Marie De Rompre Son Contrat Avec Le Berger Blanc - France: We ask the Borough of Ville-Marie to end the contract with Berger Blanc, a profit-business, mistreating animals; let the SPCA take over
  13. Demand Justice For Dogs Killed In Minnesota
  14. Take Action to Save the Ocean Animals from Oil Spills
  15. Stop Untreated Sewage in the Atlantic Ocean
  16. Replace Maximo Moorings Tennis Court with Dog Park!
News and Polls
  1. Cast your Vote for Cats Protection League!
  2. Rescuer Saves 8,000 Dogs From Puppy Mills
    Scroll down to vote for this story please...
  3. Chinese crime ring which slaughtered and skinned cats and passed them off as RABBITS
  4. The Most Comprehensive Look Into South Korea's Dog Meat Industry - Part 2 [VIDEO] - South Korea, very disturbing again; comments are welcome
  5. Kangaroo testicles a hit with Chinese as aphrodisiac
  6. Wisconsin Knee Deep In Wolf Blood…. | Howling For Justice
  7. FB page: Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti
    Dog assistance needed on flights Bucharest- the Netherlands/Germany
  8. Donation for Egypt | Harmony Fund

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